Humanity Food Truck Ready to Assist Healthcare Workers in Gaza

After a 41-day modification at a workshop in Gaza City, the Humanity Food Truck is ready to assist the medical workers that have been overwhelmed in handling COVID-19.

The Humanity Food Truck for Gaza is ready to operate. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA - After a 41-day modification at a workshop in Gaza City, the big truck now looks much different. Most of the truck’s exterior has been painted in green and orange. Inside, there are several cooking utensils. There is a stove, refrigerator, even 2 ovens, each of which is able to bake quite quickly. A total of 60 pieces of chickens can be cooked in only about 2 hours in these ovens.

"After 41 days at the Al-Bayan Car Workshop located in the Alzeitun Region, Gaza City, the Humanity Food Truck has been completely modified. The workshop that is owned by local Gazans was able to modify a truck into a Humanity Food Truck for Gaza. Additionally, the tools and cooking utensils were also manufactured by local Gazans," said Andi Noor Faradiba from the Global Humanity Response (GHR) - ACT, Monday (3/30).

Considering that the world is focusing on handling COVID-19, the Humanity Food Truck in Gaza is also preparing to take part. On Tuesday (3/31), the meal distribution will be prioritized for medical workers who are struggling against COVID-19 in Gaza.

"Insha Allah, on Tuesday (1/4), Humanity Food Truck is ready to distribute 1,000 meal packages to medical workers in Gazan hospitals who are currently overwhelmed and working at the forefront in protecting Gazans from the COVID-19," Faradiba said.

In addition to medical workers, the meal packages will also be distributed to patients and other underprivileged communities on the first day of its operation. According to Worldometer, by Monday, there have been 115 cases COVID-19 in Palestine, causing one casualty.


The interior of the Humanity Food Truck. (ACTNews)

In addition to assisting healthcare workers, in the future, the Humanity Food Truck in Gaza will also provide free meal packages for the locals. Humanity Food Trucks can produce from 1,000 to 2,000 meal packages every day and can easily distribute free meals to all governorates in the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Mageed Yasin, one of ACT's partners there, inspected the Humanity Food Truck. He was pleased with the presence of the Humanity Food Truck which would later help ease the burden on the needy people of Gaza.

"We are very grateful to the people of Indonesia and to ACT for this new Humanity Food Truck. This Humanity Food Truck will serve underprivileged communities on the border of Gaza. As we all know, the current economic situation in Gaza is still worsening," said Dr. Mageed Yasin. []