Humanity Food Truck Supports Medical Workers at Marine Hospital

ACT’s Humanity Food Truck was present to support medical workers at Marine Hospital in Cilandak, South Jakarta, Thursday (3/26). Hundreds of meal packages were distributed to medical workers that strive to alleviate the COVID-19 outbreak.

Handover of the aid from ACT to Colonel dr. Hisnindarsyah dan Lieutenant dr. Taufik Wijayakresna G. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) once again visited the Marine Hospital in South Jakarta. Previously, ACT has provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical workers at the hospital last week. On Thursday (3/26) ACT distributed hundreds of prepared meal packages from the Humanity Food Truck in collaboration with Wardah.

Part of the Free Meal Operation, the meal packages were a form of appreciation for medical workers who are now at the forefront in handling COVID-19. The aid was received directly by Sea Colonel (K) Dr. Hisnindarsyah SE M.Kes. MH. CFEM as Head of the Marine Hospital Cilandak and Lieutenant Colonel (K) dr. Taufik Wijayakresna G. M.kes. SpAn. as the Deputy Commandant of the Marine Hospital.

the meal distribution, ACT also distributed masks at the Marine Hospital.

Hisnindarsyah thanked ACT for the assistance that had been given. He hoped this aid distribution can continue not only for the Marine Hospital but for other hospitals in Indonesia.

"Thank you for the support given by ACT to the Cilandak Marine Hospital which happens to be in the red zone. We hope that the good cooperation and care from ACT can continue not only at the Marine Hospital. I am sure that ACT has been very extraordinary as proven by its works, not just words," said Hisnindarsyah.

A military officer unloading the food packages from the truck to the Marine Hospital in Cilandak. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

Dr. Taufik said that this assistance could help to provide nutritional food to the medical workers. He hoped that the distribution of food and PPE will not stop here because, compared to what happened in Wuhan, what’s happening is just the beginning of an outbreak.

"As I said, we are still entering the beginning of an outbreak that we don’t know when it will be over. If we talk about Wuhan, they dealt with the outbreak in 91 days and finally they succeeded with the help of military and police force to prevent the entry and exit of goods and people that pass by Wuhan. Hopefully, our condition is not like in Wuhan, which was an epicenter of outbreak," said doctor Taufik. He reminded people to always maintain physical distance, wear masks, and stay as much as possible at home.

In addition to the Marine Hospital, ACT is also working with a number of other hospitals to help medical workers dealing with COVID-19 patients by providing food and PPE. []