Humanity Medical Services Comes to Central Maluku Residents

The Humanity Medical Services-ACT Team carried out health services and counseling in Central Maluku, precisely in Waringin Cap Dua Village, Laihitu District. The residents enthusiastically welcomed the team.

A Central Maluku resident receives medical service.
A Central Maluku resident receives medical service. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CENTRAL MALUKU – The Humanity Medical Services-ACT along with the Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) carried out health services in Waringin Cap Dua Village, Laihitu District, Central Maluku Regency, on Monday (6/7/2021). A total of 40 residents including 30 elderlies and 10 children join to check their health. There was also nutritious meal package distribution for the children. Apart from medical check-ups, the HMS-ACT team also held health counseling to the residents so that they can implement a healthier lifestyle amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The health services and counseling aim to increase and maintain the residents’ health. Apart from the ongoing pandemic, the residents’ health is also at risk due to the poor environmental sanitation that caused many children in the area to suffer from itching. According to the medical check-up results, many adults suffer joint pain and gout.

Firda Zahra Tuasikal, the Head of HMS-ACT Maluku said that the lack of healthy sanitation on children makes them prone to itching disease. Meanwhile, the adults who mostly work in the agricultural sector were suffering from joint pain.

“The locals here rarely check their health condition,” said Firda.

The Waringin Cap Dua residents admitted that during the pandemic they barely received health services and counseling. The health facilities are far from their residence. Hence, with the health services from HMS-ACT Maluku, the residents enthusiastically welcomed the program.

Wa Ali (70), an elderly woman from Waringin Cap Dua Village said that the health services and counseling from HMS-ACT Maluku were very useful and helpful for her amid the far distance between the village and the nearest health facilities. Wa Ali hopes the activity can be carried out again so that the residents’ health can be well-monitored.[]