Humanity Mobil Water Tank Provides Free Clean Water for Sumur Residents

Humanity Mobil Water Tank Provides Free Clean Water for Sumur Residents

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG – Two weeks have passed since tsunami smashed coastal areas near Sunda Strait in Banten. Remains of the devastation were still clearly visible. Ruins and boat wreckage were scattered along the coast. The locals were still relying solely on humanitarian relief, for they were still too afraid to fish.

To fulfill the needs of the tsunami victims, apart from basic needs, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) along with Global Zakat also sent Humanity Mobile Water Tank on Friday (1/4). The Humanity Mobile Water Tank is supported by the zakat funds of the people of Indonesia collected by Global Zakat – ACT. The new water tank truck began its first water distribution mission in Sumberjaya Village, Sumur Sub-District, Pandeglang.

“This village was among the worst-hit areas. After the tsunami, it has been difficult for the locals to get clean water for their daily need. Hence, ACT tries to alleviate their suffering through clean water distribution,” said Hanif of ACT Humanitarian Post in Sumur, Friday (1/4).

Hanif added that the truck distributed 10,000 liters of clean water. The water taken from several areas in Pandeglang was already drinkable without having to be boiled.

Aswan, a Sumberjaya Villager, stated that the clean water distribution was very helpful for the locals who need clean water. The tsunami that hit on Saturday (21/22) has caused the water in their wells to be murky and brackish. “The sea water has contaminated the locals’ wells. The water is now not drinkable because it’s brackish and dirty,” he said.  

The clean water distribution will reach more areas. Rifai, Coordinator of the Humanity Mobile Water Tank, stated that there will be clean water distribution in other tsunami-hit areas in Banten. “This is just the first day, and more areas in Banten will be visited to have their need for clean water fulfilled,” explained Rifai. []



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