Humanity Rice Truck 2.0 Tour: Resident in West Pesaman Receive Waqf Rice

Humanity Rice Truck 2.0 distributed Waqf Rice to the community around Simpang Empat District Milliter Command 02 Headquarters, West Pasaman, last Thursday (10/14/2021).

Humanity Rice Truck 2.0
Hand over Waqf Rice from Humanity Rice Truck 2.0 to the surrounding community. (ACTNews/Agusriadi)

ACTNews, WEST PASAMAN – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) West Pasaman welcomed the arrival of the Humanity Rice Truck 2.0. The humanitarian vehicle visited Simpang Empat, West Pasaman District Milliter Command 02 Headquarters in Nagari Lingkuang Aua, Pasaman District on Thursday (10/14/2021).

Humanity Rice Truck 2.0 visited West Pasaman as a part of this vehicle tour on Sumatra Island. Humanity Rice Truck 2.0 also distributed rice to the surrounding community.

The District Military Commander of Simpang Empat District Milliter Command 02, The Chairman of the Indonesia Ulema Council West Pasaman, the Deputy of ACT for the Central Sumatra Region (Sumbagteng) attended the rice distribution even. The representatives of the Indonesian National Miltary (TNI) and Himpunan Putra Putri Keluarga Besar TNI AD (HIPAKAD) distributed rice directly to the community, both on-site and door-to-door.


"Alhamdulillah, I hope that Humanity Rice Truck 2.0 can spread benefits and smiles to people in need in West Pesaman,” said Branch Manager of ACT West Pasaman, Gatoet Kesuma.

The distributed rice was a trust from the benefactors to ACT. Gatoet hopes that in the future, this act of generosity can be expanded by inviting more philanthropists.

“This Free Food Operation depends on the support from the community because this program is from the community for the community. We will invite and welcome alms from donors for the smooth operation of Free Food and Humanity Rice Truck 2.0," concluded Gatoet. []