Humanity Water Tank Distributes Millions of Liters of Free Clean water throughout South Gaza

Residents in Gaza received millions of liters of clean water. ACT distributes it using the Humanity Water Tank.

clean water
Distribution of clean water in Gaza. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The Humanity Water Tank from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) carried out its action again. The vehicle drove through the streets of Southern Gaza, distributing clean water assistance from Generous Friends to every family there who needed in need of it.

Throughout May, the ACT Palestine team distributed at least 3.4 million liters of clean water to Palestinians in the southern Gaza cities of Rafah and Khan Younis. Two Humanity Water Tanks helped distribute the water, which travel to every corner of the area every day to reach as many beneficiaries as possible.

One vehicle will carry 6,500 liters of water in its tanks one way. The water will be pumped and flowed into the water tanks of every impoverished house in Gaza. Meanwhile, residents who do not have a water tank will keep it in buckets or jerry cans. Each resident gets at least 20 liters of water per day.

According to Mukaffiy of the Global Humanity Network-ACT team, the water brought by the Humanity Water Tank came directly from the Waqf Well and Lumbung Air Wakaf that ACT had built in Gaza. "The beneficiaries can use the clean water we provide for many purposes, including bathing, worship, and consumption," Mukaffiy said on Tuesday (5/24/2022).

Mukaffiy also emphasized that the water distributed is of high quality because the water has been passed through a filtering system to remove impurities and foreign substances.

Palestinian children's delight at receiving clean water from the Humanity Water Tank. (ACTNews)

"Water taken from the ground in Gaza is dirty and has a sour taste if it is not filtered. Currently, only about 30% of Gazans have access to clean water in sufficient quantity every day. The rest drink contaminated water," Mukaffiy continued.

The water crisis in Gaza is severe. According to ACT data, Gazans drink an average of 90 liters of water per day, and 80 percent of them are polluted water. It is due to Israel's blockade of clean water flowing from the higher ground into Gaza. As a result, Gaza can only rely on contaminated groundwater. []