Humanity Water Tank Supplies 10,000 Liters of Clean Water to Cibarusah Village

The drought that affects Bekasi Regency in West Java has forced some of the locals to use water from the river.

Humanity Water Tank Supplies 10,000 Liters of Clean Water to Cibarusah Village' photo

ACTNews, BEKASI REGENCY - The lack of rain in Bekasi Regency that has occurred since the last few months has caused water crisis. The residents are forced to use the water from the river.

Among the affected areas was Bakansirna Hamlet in Ridomanah Village, Cibarusah subdistrict, Bekasi Regency. Hundreds of people had no other choices but to take water from the Cihoe and Cipamingkis rivers for their daily needs.

For this reason, on Thursday (7/18), Global Zakat- Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) delivered 10,000 liters of clean water to Bakansirna Village. 160 people benefitted from this clean water distribution. Muhammad Fadly from the Global Zakat-ACT team said the that water was fully distributed within just two and a half hours.

"We send 10 thousand liters of water using the Humanity Water Tank. The clean water was shortly carried to the homes of the local residents, who had been lining up carrying their jerry cans," Fadly explained.

In Cibarusah, three villages have been impacted by the drought during this dry season. Some of the affected areas are Ridomanah Village, Ridogalih Village, and Sirnajati Village. Since the beginning of Ramadan, there has been no more rain. These regions are prone to drought every year when dry season comes.

Therefore, next week, another clean water supply will be sent back to Cibarusah. Ryan Andriana Rachman from the Global Zakat-ACT team said that there would be two locations that would receive clean water supplies brought using the Humanity Water Tanks.

"The distribution of clean water to other regions experiencing drought in Jabodetabek will follow. For the third week of July, Humanity Water Tank will return in Cibarusah, Pandeglang, Banten," Ryan said on Friday (7/19).

Not only affecting their daily needs for water, the water crisis also impacts the locals’ farms, which are threatened by crop failure. From the team’s observation, some of the rice fields in Cibarusah have been harvested early even though the yield is not optimal because the lack of water makes the rice unable to fully grow. []