Humanity Water Tanks Supply Clean Water for Palestinian Schools

The academic year in Palestine is just about to begin. As the activities at schools begins, there aren't enough clean water supplies to support the academic activities.

Humanity Water Tanks Supply Clean Water for Palestinian Schools' photo

ACTNews, GAZA – It’s still summer in Gaza, Palestine. At the end of summer, the new academic year is about to start. The students will start spending a lot of time at school.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough clean water supplies in schools to support academic activities at the schools. "Clean water supplies for schools are not always available. Therefore, schools become the target of Humanity Water Tank’s clean water distribution," reported Andi Noor Faradiba from the Global Humanity Response (GHR) team - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Monday (9/2).

ACT's Humanity Water Tank in Palestine, said Faradiba, has a two-week work cycle. This water tank truck will travel around the city of Gaza to fulfill the water need of the local residents for six days in a week. "The Humanity Water Tanks are free between Friday, Saturday or Sunday. After the two-week cycle ends, the trucks will begin distributing water in the first distribution point," said Faradiba.

In the North Gaza region and the Gaza City, Humanity Water Tanks visit two distribution locations every day. The two-week cycle of Humanity Water Tanks starts from the North Gaza region, then to the Alnazla region and Jabalia City, Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia, Gaza City, and ends in Alshaikh Ejleen City. In Central Gaza, While the cycle in the Central Gaza region, the distribution locations are Khanyounis, Rafah, and it ends in the Tal Alsultan region.

"There are about 19,400 beneficiaries in a week, or about 20 liters of water per individual," continued Faradiba.

In addition to schools, clean water is distributed to disadvantaged communities, mosques, clinics and other public facilities in the Gaza Strip. []