Hundreds Displaced by Flooding in West Jakarta

Heavy rains on Tuesday (1/18/2022) and Wednesday (1/19/2022) have caused flooding in parts of Jakarta. In Tegal Alur in West Jakarta, flooding submerged two hundred houses, causing 400 residents to evacuate.

Tegal Alur residents who are evacuating in the hall of the multipurpose building. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST JAKARTA – Floods submerged a number of areas in Jakarta on Wednesday (1/19/2022). Rodi Maryanto from the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Jakarta Region said that one of the flood-hit areas was Jalan Lingkungan 3, RT 15/RW 03, Tegal Alur Village, Kalideres District, West Jakarta City. A total of 200 houses were submerged and 53 families or 400 people fled to the multipurpose hall, relatives' or neighbors' houses which were safe.

"Until this morning, there are still residents who have not returned home. The evacuees need meal packages, milk, baby diapers and food, and blankets," he said, Thursday (1/20/2022).

Rodi continued, the flooding was triggered by heavy rains that fell from Tuesday (1/18/2022) to Wednesday (1/19/2022). At the moment, the flood has receded.

“The flooding has receded at some points. Today, our team will distribute food to the evacuees in Tegal Alur," he said. []