Hundreds of Aid Packages from IHC Reach Syrian Refugees in Hacipasa

The Syrian refugees in Hacipasa are highly dependent on humanitarian aid for food

ACTNews, HATAY – The month of Ramadan has also brought its blessings to the Syrian refugees near Turkey – Syria border. For almost a month, the iftar packages from the people of Indonesia have nourished them, warming and strengthening the bond between each refugee during the event of the mass-iftar dinner. Additionally, the blessing of Ramadan also reached the Syrian refugees in the form of food packages from the Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) in Reyhanli, Turkey.

On Sunday (5/26), ACT team departed for Hacipasa, bringing hundreds of food packages. From the IHC storehouse in Reyhanli, it took an hour and a half to reach Hacipasa, a Turkish village, a safe haven for the Syrian refugees that directly borders the Azmarin Village of Syria.

Two villages are only separated by a river, making it easy for Syrian refugees to flee the war. However, due to its isolated location, far from big cities, the Syrian refugees are still living in difficult condition in their new place.

“The Syrian refugees in Hacipasa have no permanent jobs. They work mostly as oddjobbers, and they are highly dependent on humanitarian aid for food,” said Firdaus Guritno of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).

That Sunday, as many as 224 families received food packages from the IHC. The distribution of the food packages was a collaboration between ACT and Indonesian crowdfunding Apart from Hacipasa, the food packages from the IHC have also frequently reached the Syrian refugees in other areas along the Turkey – Syria border, such as in Reyhanli in Hatay Province.

In Hatay Province, there are over 300,000 Syrian refugees of the total 3.6 million Syrian refugees living in Turkey, according to UNHCR. []