Hundreds of Eid Packages for the Rohingyas to Celebrate Eid

Hundreds of Eid Packages for the Rohingyas to Celebrate Eid

ACTNews, COX’S BAZAR – Although the day of Eid has passed, the atmosphere of happiness lingered on. That Thursday (6/21) afternoon became a moment of happiness for Rohingya refugees in Kutupalong camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. In front of a refugee tent, 100 Eid packages from the people of Indonesia were distributed.

The refugees are still unable to find a job. Hence, they do not have any source of income. This is very difficult for them, particularly for the newly-arrived refugees who have to celebrate their first Eid in a refugee camp. Unlike in previous years where they were able to buy delicious food and new Eid clothes for their family, this year they can’t buy anything.

Hundreds of these Eid packages are essential to alleviate their sadness as they can’t celebrate Eid like they used to do. Apart from new clothes and sarongs, they also received vermicelli, sugar and milk, also sanitary supplies and umbrellas.

“We added umbrellas to the packages because it’s currently rainy in Bangladesh,” said Rucita Pramadinda of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Global Humanity Response (GHR).

A few days prior to the distribution of Eid packages in Bangladesh, similar distribution also took blace in Duwa Morong Village, Sittwe city. Two uhndred and sixty packages consisting of staple food items like rice, noodles, milk, cooking oil, wheat oil, and beans were distributed on Sunday (17/6), a day after Eid on Saturday (6/16).

“Assalamualaikum dear Indonesians. We are extremely happy to receive the Eid packages. We are all glad, thank you very much. May your kindness be rewarded by Allah, and hopefully you’ll be able to keep supporting us,” said Hassan, one of the Rohingyas.

Free healthcare in ACT’s clinic in Bangladesh

The sanitary condition in the refugee camp is still far from the decent standard of living. Additionally, Bangladesh is entering rainy season. The refugees would have to face the impending risk of heavy rain that causes floods and landslides. Such conditions make the refugees, especially children and the elderly, prone to various diseases.

Hence, ACT’s clinic is operating to provide free healthcare and medications for the refugees. Still remember ACT’s clinic? The clinic has been operating since the arrival of the refugees on the Bangladesh – Myanmar border. The clinic provides free healthcare for the Rohingya refugees there to optimize ACT’s Medical Aid program.

After Eid, Tuesday (6/19), ACT’s clinic in Taing Khali, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, has started operating. Three days after Eid, hundreds of Rohingyas received free healthcare.

Ramadinda said that the medical posts are also opened in areas in the center of the refugee camp. These medical posts operate once or twice a week.

“This is to make it easier to reach the refugees who need medical attention but located too far away from ACT’s clinic,” said Ramadinda. []


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