Hundreds of Food Packages Reach Rohingyas in Myanmar

Hundreds of Food Packages Reach Rohingyas in Myanmar

ACTNews, SITTWE – Living in difficult condition, the people of Rohingya rely solely on humanitarian aid and a hope to spend their days in peace. Many who were not able to flee to Bangladesh tried to survive amidst fear of oppression.

The township of Sittwe has witnessed the agony and violence faced by the people of Rohingya. Although it is a capital of the Rakhine State, but it is far from bustling activities of a state capital. An estimate number of 200,000 Rohingyas are still living in the city.

Various items of groceries have been distributed to the Rohingyas staying in Sittwe. Three hundred packages of groceries were sent by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s SOS Rohingya team for the Rohingyas, Thursday (11/8). Hundreds of these grocery packages reached the Rohingyas in Aung Minglar Village, SIttwe.

Coordinator of SOS Rohingya team, Rahadiansyah, stated that it was not easy to reach Sittwe, especially for humanitarian agencies that bring aid packages. “Alhamdlilllah, we were able to enter Sittwe, Myanmar, whose residents are all Muslims. All of this is due to the support and prayers from the people of Indonesia,” said Rahadiansyah. That afternoon, food packages containing 50 kilograms of rice, flour, cooking oil, onions, spices and other groceries were distributed to hundreds of families in Aung Mingalar Village.

Aung Mingalar Village is a home to 1,200 families, or 4,200 people. This village is one of the regions surrounded by the Tatmadaw, or the Burmese military. The Rohingyas live without access to jobs; they have no means to make a living. 

The Burmese authority once also barred humanitarian aid to reach the Rohingyas. Sadly, the Rohingyas were also given only restricted access to food, medical assistance and education.

The Rohingyas are the world’s most persecuted people. Their suffering need to be alleviated by the assistance of the generous. To date, Indonesia has been continuously helping the people of Rohingya, leaving a wonderful impression in each of their hearts. They kept expressing their thankfulness when the food packages finally reached their hands.

Aeesyah, one of the Rohingya Muslims in Aung Mingalar Village expressed her thankfulness to Indonesia through ACT. “We are grateful and we thank Indonesia who have been helping us. May Allah accept your good deeds, and mat Allah helps you in your efforts to continuously help the needy. Thanks, Indonesia,” she said.

UNHCR warns against returning Rohingyas to Bangladesh 

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has cautioned against returning ethnic Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar from Bangladesh. “Although UNHCR does not believe current conditions in Rakhine State are conducive to the voluntary, safe, dignified, and sustainable return of refugees from Bangladesh, we remain committed to supporting the Government of Myanmar’s efforts to create such conditions, under the terms of the tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by UNHCR, UNDP and Myanmar authorities in June,” said UNHCR in its official statement.

UNHCR further stated that refugee returns should only take place at their freely expressed wish based on relevant and reliable knowledge of the conditions within the country of origin and the area of return. []


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