Hundreds of Food Packages to Support Uyghur Diasporas in Kayseri

Hundreds of Food Packages to Support Uyghur Diasporas in Kayseri

ACTNews, KAYSERI – Since leaving Urumqi in Xinjiang, the Uyghurs in Kayseri, Turkey, have been living in poverty and deprivation. Their status as immigrants has made it difficult for them to get a job because they are foreigners in Kayseri. Now, the Uyghurs in Kayseri rely solely on the aid given by people who care about them.

“They now live in buildings from which they are about to be evicted, or in buildings that will be demolished. It’s only a matter of time before they are driven out. We have no idea whether or not they will receive support from the Turkish government or aid foundations,” said Firdaus Guritno of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Tuesday (5/7).

The food packages for the Uyghur diasporas in Kayseri were distributed on Saturday (5/4). In collaboration with Wardah, ACT gave food packages to 160 families.

“On Saturday, we have handed out food packages for Uyghur Diasporas in Kayseri. The distribution was carried out at one designated distribution location. We also delivered some of the packages to the beneficiaries’ houses,” said Guritno.

He explained that each package contains cooking oil, flour, cornmeal, salt, and candy. These packages are expected to fulfill the need of the Uyghurs for proper food in the beginning of Ramadan.  

Food aid was the most direly needed by the Uyghur diasporas in Kayseri. In the future, ACT will focus on fulfilling the Uyghurs’ need for food.