Hundreds of Gas Cylinders for Gazans to Fend off Winter Cold

Hundreds of Gas Cylinders for Gazans to Fend off Winter Cold

ACTNews, GAZA - One after another, blue fully-loaded LPG cylinders are loaded into a large truck. On that day, in late 2018, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) volunteers in Gaza were preparing to distrivute winter aid in the form of hundreds of LPG cylinders for Gazan families to fuel their heaters.

Since November 2018, the temperature in Gaza had plummeted, reaching only less than 20 Celsius, making Gazans’ life more difficult because thousands of Gazans live in homes without proper walls or roofs. Some even live in refugee camps made of only simple tarpaulins.

Andi Noor Faradiba from Global Humanity Response - ACT revealed that not many Gazans have heaters. "Even if they have heaters, they have no enough fuel for their heaters because they can’t afford it," Faradiba explained.

After all the LPG cylinders were loaded, the truck was ready to go. Their aim was to visit homes and refugee camps across Jabalia City, East Gaza. One gas fuel tube would be given to one family.

"The gas distribution targets 500 Gazans. In addition to heating the room, the gas can also be used for cooking, "said Faradiba.

Arriving at one of the buildings that were used as a temporary home for the Gazans, the distribution began. The beneficiaries who came were mostly men that were ready to carry the heavy LPG cylinders. One of the beneficiaries in Jabalia City, Adnan Ahmad, expressed his relief for receiving the gas aid from ACT.

“Thank you ACT for supplying the gas for our household. We will use it as well as possible, Insha Allah,” said Ahmad.

For the Winter Aid program, ACT has distributed not only gas cylinders, but also sweaters, food supplies and prepared meal packages from Indonesian Public Kitchen.

“Insha Allah, we request prayers from our fellow Muslims so that we can continue assisting the people of Gaza especially during winter like this. They are in need of our helping hand,” concluded Faradiba. []



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