Hundreds of Kidul Dalem Residents Enjoy Free Premium Rice

The SKPI Program continues to expand its benefits. This time, it reached the residents of Malang. As many as 1.5 tons of rice were given to 250 people in the city.

Hundreds of Kidul Dalem Residents Enjoy Free Premium Rice' photo
Handover of rice from the SKPI to residents of Malang, East Java, Friday (2/7). (ACTNews / Saiful Anam)

ACTNews, MALANG – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Malang delivered 1.5 tons of rice to residents of Kidul Dalem Urban Village, Klojen Subdistrict, Malang City, Friday (2/7). This is an implementation of the Friends of Indonesian Poor Family (SKPI) program. The rice was given to 250 underprivileged residents in Malang.

Iqrok Wahyu Perdana from the ACT Malang Program Team said the SKPI program is a program that is specifically aiming residents who live in economic difficulties and are unable to fulfill their need for food. With the distribution of rice, hopefully, the beneficiaries’ need for staple food can be fulfilled.

"This is the first SKPI implementation in Malang City. However, previously ACT Malang has distributed rice to several places in Malang Regency, "explained Iqrok.

The rice distributed to the people of Malang is produced by the Waqf-based Rice Barn under the auspice of Global Wakaf - ACT. The program aims not only to fulfill the need of underprivileged families but also to empower the farmers at the Waqf-based Rice Barn.

Head of Kidul Urban Village, Dalem Atyatul Husna, thanked ACT Malang for caring for the local villagers. According to him, the distribution of rice to the villagers is very appropriate because there are still residents of Kidul Dalem who need help to meet their needs for food.

"Hopefully the Kidul Dalem villagers will not only be the recipients but can also work together for the common interest in the future. In addition, hopefully, ACT can empower the community to be economically independent, "said Atyatul Husna, Friday (2/7).

Juriah (67) was one of the beneficiaries of the SKPI program. She was grateful for the rice assistance not only because it can meet her need for food, but also because the rice is of premium quality. "I rarely have good quality rice like this," she said. []