Hundreds of Kilograms of Rice Mean So Much for Landslide Victims in Bogor

Dozens of families affected by the landslide in Cipandawa, Bogor Regency, received hundreds of kilograms of rice from the Friends of Indonesian Poor Families (SKPI) program, Sunday (3/1).

A family who received the rice from the SKPI program. (ACTNews/Yudha Hadisana)


ACTNews, BOGOR - Dozens of landslide-affected families at Cipandawa evacuation site received hundreds of kilograms of rice through the Friends of Indonesian Poor Families (SKPI) program. The evacuation site accommodates residents from two hamlets in Cileuksa Village, Sukajaya Subdistrict, Bogor Regency who were affected by landslides in January 2020.

"Today, we are distributing 350 kilograms of rice in the evacuation site. Insha Allah, we will gradually help the evacuees in this evacuation camp," said Khisnul Hasanah from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Bogor Program Team on Sunday (3/1).

The distribution of rice at Cipandawa evacuation camp is motivated by the difficult conditions faced by the evacuees. Until now, the evacuees have not been able to return to their normal activities.

"Disaster-affected residents still greatly need help. Although it has been two months since the landslide, they have not been able to return to their normal activities. We still need to support them to fulfill their daily needs,” explained Khisnul.

Ope, one of the evacuees who is responsible for the evacuation site confirmed Khisnul’s statement. The free rice that he received means a lot for him, and he was grateful for the free rice from ACT. He also asked for prayers so that evacuees at Cipandawa evacuation site will always be helped.

"We ask for your prayers, including from ACT. Hopefully, we will be given strength and ease. Don’t just give half-measured aid because any assistance, no matter how much, will be very beneficial here. Thank you again for coming and helping us," said Ope.

ACT Bogor plans to provide further assistance to the evacuees Cipendawa Evacuation Post. Khisnul said that in the near future there would be assistance in the form of school kits for children in the village of Cileuksa.

"In the near future there will also be distribution of school kits, including bags, shoes, uniforms, stationery, and others. We also plan to deploy a Humanity Food Truck to provide free meals to the evacuees," Khisnul said.

Two months after the disaster, evacuees in Cipandawa still live in difficult conditions. They live in tents made of tarpaulin and bamboo that get very hot during sunny days but cold and muddy when raining. []