Hundreds of Meat Packages Distributed in Tasikmalaya on Eid Al-Adha

Fresh meat from animals that had just been slaughtered was delivered to the residents of Rancamaya, Tasikmalaya Regency. The meat came from the qurbani animals mandated to Global Qurban – ACT by the community. The slaughtering of the qurbani animals began on Friday (7/31) and will continue until Monday (8/3).

One of the residents of Rancamaya, Tasikmalaya Regency who received qurbani meat from Global Qurban - ACT on Eid Al-Adha 2020. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – The voice of takbirat echoed from the loudspeakers in a mosque in a neighborhood next to Rancamaya Hamlet, Gunungsari Village, Sukaratu, Tasikmalaya Regency, Friday (7/31) afternoon. After performing Friday prayer, some villagers immediately headed to Nurul Fahmi Islamic Boarding School in whose front yard the qurbani animals from Global Qurban – ACT was about to be slaughtered.

With the help of a team of volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI), the local residents sacrificed and cut the qurbani meat together. A sense of brotherhood arose amid adverse conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hundreds of sacrificial meat packages reached hundreds of families in Rancamaya Hamlet.

The local residents were very happy for the qurbani meat distribution because not every year qurbani animals are sacrificed in the village, mainly due to economic difficulties and lack of religious understanding. "On this happy day, Global Qurban - ACT brought a gift that, hopefully, can cheer the community," said Taufik Perdana, Global Qurban - ACT Tasikmalaya Branch Manager.

Taufik said, for the last three years, Global Qurban - ACT Tasikmalaya has distributed qurbani animals from the community to the hamlet. Many of the locals live in poverty. In addition, they rarely enjoy qurbani animals because the hamlet is prone to drought, and the facilities for religious education are still lacking. "Sacrificial meat is also a means for educating the locals because many of them still don’t understand the importance of qurbani,” he added.

Until the third day after Eid Al-Adha, Global Qurban – ACT Tasikmalaya will distribute up to thousands of meat packages to poor beneficiaries, especially those living in remote areas who rarely enjoy qurbani meat. The distribution areas urban areas inhabited by underprivileged communities, and villages on the foot of Mount Galunggung who have not been able to enjoy sacrificial meat in recent years. []