Hundreds of Palestinians Wounded in Nakba Day Commemoration

Nakba Day is an unforgettable moment for Palestine

ACTNews, GAZA, JERUSALEM - Israel attacked thousands of Palestinians during the commemoration of Nakba Day in the gate border of Gaza-Israel on Wednesday (5/15). Palestine Human Rights Center stated that 144 people are wounded, and 49 of them are children. On the other hand, Gaza Ministry of Health reported 65 people are wounded, and at least 15 people are shot. Among the victim, 22 of them are children and 3 paramedics. This incident has also been reported by international media outlets.

According to witnesses, Israel Military launched tear gas and shot the Palestinians with rubber bullets. They did this to prevent the “rioters” from closing in to the border, as reported by Al Jazeera.

Umm Mahdi Nofal (72) was one of the Palestinians that attended the commemoration on Wednesday. Umm Mahdi and his family is a refugee from Ashdod, 60 kilometers away from Gaza. Ashdood is now occupied by Israel.

“We came from the oppressed generation, and we have to move from camp to camp. When my family seeks refugee to Gaza, they have to sleep on the ground, under no roof. Our homeland is taken away, and we have to live in the overcrowded camp,” said Umm Mahdi to Al Jazeera.

Ahmad Attallah (46) also took part on the commemoration. He brought their children to the border wall of Gaza-Israel to show them their homeland, which is located on the other side of the wall, “Our ancestors land before they are driven away 71 years ago,” he said.

The commemoration of Nakba Day was held ten days after the Israel attack to Gaza Strip in the beginning of Ramadan. On the Saturday (5/4) attack, Israel destroyed dozens of houses, and at least 24 people were killed.

In the first week of Ramadan, it was reported that Israel has attacked Gaza three times. On Friday (5/10), the Israeli Military use excessive force towards the Gazans who were conducting the Great March of Return in the border gates. The incident wounded 45 people. Now, tear gas and rubber bullets are still launched by Israel. []