Hundreds of Quran Waqf Facilitate Oldest Boarding School in Kuala Dua Village

Hundreds of Quran Waqf were distributed to santris in Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School, Kubu Raya Regency, Thursday (8/19/2021). The boarding school needed Quran copies to support the learning process in the new academic year.

Quran Waqf for Islamic Boarding School.
Quran Waqf program is expected to facilitate santris in their learning process. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KUBU RAYA – Global Wakaf-ACT distributed hundreds of Quran copies to the santris (students) of Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School, Kuala Dua Village, Sungai Raya District, Kubu Raya Regency, Thursday (8/19/2021).

“This Quran Waqf is funded from collective and individual waqif funds that was previously collected. Hopefully, this Quran Waqf program can facilitate the santris in learning,” said Nircho Anggoro from Global Wakaf-ACT West Kalimantan Program Team.

Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School has a big spirit in educating their students. The boarding school which is almost 50 years old, is one of the oldest Islamic boarding schools in Kuala Dua Village.

At the beginning of the boarding school’s establishment, the surrounding environment was still a wilderness, with only tens of students. Along with the surrounding infrastructure construction, the number of students increased to hundreds of people, so that Islamic boarding schools sometimes need support from the community to meet the learning needs of the students.

“The new academic year is just begun and we were short of Quran copies. We have tried to contact our colleagues to ask for help with the Quran copy provision but no one has been able to," said Ustazah Intan, a caregiver of Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School.

The Quran copy assistance from the benefactors has greatly helped the boarding school. “Alhamdulillah, thank you Global Wakaf-ACT for the distributed assistance to our boarding school. Hopefully, Allah will bless ACT and the benefactors,” Intan concluded.[]