Ica Bella's Story: "It's Hard to Witness My Mother's Demise."

Ica Bella's Story: "It's Hard to Witness My Mother's Demise."

Ica Bella's Story: "It's Hard to Witness My Mother's Demise."' photo

ACTNews, PALU – Patients and corpses flocked Undata Hospital in Palu a moment after the earthquake and tsunami that hit the city. More than three weeks later, a sight of patients flocking on the frontyard of the hospital was no longer seen. Since Friday (10/19), all of those patients have been treated in the buildings of the hospital. Medical services in the hospital were up and running, and the patients were no longer afraid to get into the buildings.

According to the data, mora than 1,000 are registered as inpatients and outpatients in Undata Hospital, Palu. Located close to Tondo beach, the hospital witnessed how the tsunami have killed and wounded many of the locals.

One of them was Ica Bella (32) who lived close to the beach. She told ACTNews how she was able to survive after being hit by the tsunami. “I could not do anything. It is quite horrifying for me to recall the disasters that I have experienced. I was smashed by the tsunami waves. I felt as if my body was torn apart,” said Bella.

She mentioned that she held her mother’s hand when the tsunami hit. Unfortunately, the strong wave separated her from her mother. When the water finally receded, she finally reunited with her mother. Sadly, when she tried to talk to her mother, she realized that her mother was dead.

“Witnessing my own mother passed away in front of my eyes was difficult. I felt powerless, but I had to run to safety because another wave was coming. I had to left my mother’s body there. I found my father and my little sibling. I brought them to higher place,” Bella continued.

They ran for a kilometer to Pemancar field. She limped to the field, feeling nothing as if there were no wounds on her body. When she finally arrived, she vomited mud three times before she lost consciousness.

“I felt like I fainted for a while. When I woke up, everything was still dark. It turned out that there was an outage. I could not see anything and I called my father and little sibling. After I found her, I suddenly felt pain all around my body due to so many wounds. The worst of them was on my foot,” she said.

She saw many people came to evacuate the victims. Along with the rest of her family, Bella was carried to Undata Hospital by truck. “I thought there were only three of us, but there were so many survivers. The hospital was crowded with patients, but we received medical treatments immediately,” she said.

“Alhamdulillah, we survived, and Alhamdulillah, my mother’s body was found and was buried a day after the disaster,” she concluded.

Ica Bella was just one of thousands of disaster survivors that was evacuated to Undata hospital by the evacuation team. The victims that survived the earthquake and tsunami three weeks ago received medical treatments in this hospital. []



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