ICS Compounds to be Built in Many Areas Across Palu, Sigi, Donggala

ICS Compounds to be Built in Many Areas Across Palu, Sigi, Donggala

ACTNews, PALU – Series of efforts have been made by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to hasten the recovery of disaster-hit Central Sulawesi. One of ACT’s grand efforts is by building comfortable temporary shelters for the survivors of earthquake, tsunami and soil liquefaction. ACT Senior Vice President, Syuhelmaidi Syukur performed the sod-cutting ceremony of the Integrated Community Shelter compound in Duyu Village, Palu, Thursday (10/25).

The construction of the ICS in Duyu marked the initial phase of the construction of 1,000 shelters in Palu and other disaster-hit areas. As of Thursday (10/25), ACT has designated four locations on which ICS compounds will be built in Palu, Sigi and Donggala. This initiative is strongly-supported by the local government.

ACT’s Director of Disaster-related Programs and Community Development, Sri Eddy Kuncoro stated that ACT has coordinated with the Mayor of Palu to build the ICS. “We have discussed with the mayor on Wednesday (10/24), he gives us permission (to build the ICS) while coordinating with the government stakeholders. The local government helped us designate the locations of the ICS compounds.

Kuncoro further mentioned that the shelters will be designed to be strong enough to endure earthquakes. “We will adopt local architecture to make the shelters strong enough to endure earthquakes. They will be made mainly of wood. The construction of the shelters will be supported by a number of construction volunteers from Java,” he added.

In the initial phase, approximately 300 units of shelter will be built. Around 96 units of shelter are being built in Duyu Village, Palu, and 160 units in Lero Village, Sindue, Donggala. Additionally, 128 units of shelter will be built in Wani Village in Tanatovea sub-district, Donggala, and 60 units in North Sibalaya Village, Sigi Regency. ACT has visited a number of locations that will be chosen for the construction of the next ICS compounds, such as in Sigibiromaru and South Palu sub-districts.

The ICS will be equipped with a number of public facilities like mosques, playgrounds, public kitchens and sanitary facilities.

Kuncoro further added that ACT will also help rebuilding the self-sustenance of the survivors by reviving their economy in accordance with the previous jobs of the locals prior to the disaster. []



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