ICS Sigi Residents Attend Business Training for Dermawan Fried Shallots

Through this training, hopefully the Dermawan Fried Shallot can continue to grow to rebuild the economy of the disaster survivors.

24 women from three ICS compounds took part in this business training. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIGI - A total of 24 women who live in the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) managed by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in Sigi Regency were trained on business capacity building for their fried shallot production. These women represented three ICS compounds, namely ICS Sidera, ICS Soulowe, and ICS Langaleso.

The training that was held on Saturday (9/26) included entrepreneurial motivation, group financial management, marketing management, and group dynamics. The training held at BPPL Sidera Building in Sigi Biromaru Subdistrict was delivered by the Tangan Di Atas (TDA) community, ESQ, and the local MSME Service.

Wahyu Nur Alim from the Waqf Development Program (WDP) team - ACT said that the team will continue to develop these business groups. Hopefully, they will be able to rebuild their economy after the magnitude 7.4 earthquake a year ago.

"We hope that, with this fried shallot production, the disaster survivors who temporarily live in ICS can have some money at least to rent a house. We are only given five years to use the land as an Integrated Community Shelter compound, "Wahyu said on Tuesday (10/15).

Fried shallot production in Central Sulawesi. (ACTNews / Chandra)

The brand of the fried shallot that the ICS inhabitants make is Dermawan Fried Shallot. The number of people participating in the fried shallot production has increased from only 20 people in May to around 60 people. Wahyu explained, the production can reach a maximum of around 300 packs in one production.

"We get the raw shallots from Solowe Village, and we usually buy 100 kilograms of shallots. From 100 kilograms of shallots, we can get 30 kilograms of fried shallots, or around 200 to 300 packets, "he explained.

The production time can take one to two weeks. Wahyu planned that, in the future, the fried shallot producers will get training about online marketing to reach more consumers.

"The plan is for these trainings to be held every four months according to the groups’ needs. We can prepare the online marketing training if they need it, "Wahyu said.

At the moment, the team is still focusing on how to increase sales and create as wide network as possible. Therefore, the team also often brings the fried shallot products to local and national exhibitions such as the recent Hijrah Fest in Palu where the team promoted Dermawan Fried Shallots. []