ICS Tasikmalaya Construction Progress Reaches 65%

ICS Tasikmalaya Construction Progress Reaches 65%

 ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – The construction progress of the Integrated Community Shelter compound in Tasikmalaaya has reached 65 percent on Wednesday (12/5). Since the beginning of the construction on Tuesday (11/20), the buildings in the compound were already taking form. Several units of the shelters are almost finished; their white walls were already constructed, the blue roofs and green doors were already installed. Several units of the shelters were still under construction with their frameworks still visible.

According to Rosmana, Coordinator of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) humanitarian posts for Tasikmalaya flood, the construction takes approximately two weeks to one month to finish since the groundbreaking. Within this timeframe, Rosmana and his team aim to finish 62 units of shelter, 1 mosque, 1 public kitchen and 10 units of sanitary facility. “Currently, the construction has been going on for two weeks, and we are hastening the construction,” he explained, Wednesday (12/5).  

The temporary shelters that were built on a field in Bojongsari Village, Culamega Sub-District, Tasikmalaya Regency are mostly made of wood. The roofs are made of environmentally friendly materials that does not contain dangerous chemicals. “At the moment, the progress only reached 65% because we are still waiting for the roofs to arrive,” said Rosmana.

Nevertheless, the construction process continues. At least 32 workers are involved to hasten the construction process of the ICS compound. “We continue working at night. Around 10-15 workers stay here at night to make sure that the temporary shelters for our disaster-affected brothers and sisters in Tasikmalaya can be finished as soon as possible,” said Rosmana. []



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