Iin Takes Advantage of the Capital Wqf to Develop His Business

While dedicating himself at a boarding school in Cirebon, Iin Fatanudin (23) sells donuts to make a living. His donuts still don’t have packaging. Yet, he strives to continue developing his business as orders keep coming.

Iin Takes Advantage of the Capital Wqf to Develop His Business' photo
Iin making his donuts. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIREBON - Iin Fatanudin (23) came all the way from Tasikmalaya to Cirebon. He is currently dedicating himself to an Islamic boarding school in Cirebon. To make ends meet, Iin sells donuts.

"I am also an administrator of a pesantren. As for the donuts business, it’s been running only for a few years.  but for the donut business, I have only been working on it for a few years. Alhamdulillah, with a little skill that I have, I can make these donuts. I don’t have sophisticated tools to make them but I am not worried because I am used to making these donuts manually,” said Iin on Monday (10/21).

Iin works hard to provide for his little family. His wife occasionally helps him sell the donuts.

“I am in my early twenties, but I am already married with a son. My wife occasionally helps me sell these donuts. I sometimes consign these donuts in stalls. Although they still have no neat packaging, but there are already a lot of orders,” Iin said thankfully.

An acquaintance told him about the Waqf for Micro Business Capital by Global Wakaf – ACT. To develop his business, he applied his business for the waqf capital fund.

"I am interested. I am willing to join this program. Hopefully, the waqf capital can be useful to develop my business. I want to buy a mixer and other tools so that I can make the donuts more easily. Thank you Global Wakaf - ACT for the assistance," said Iin.

Handover of the Waqf for Micro Business Capital to Iin. (ACTNews)

The Waqf for Micro Business Capital program aims to support MSME owners in these difficult times, as stated by Muhammad A. Tawwaba from the Global Wakaf – ACT Program Department.

"During the pandemic, it has been difficult for MSMEs to survive. We come to deliver the capital waqf assistance to small business owners. A total of 14 business owners received capital waqf on Monday and Tuesday (10/22) in Cirebon Regency, Cirebon City, and Kuningan,” he explained.

Tawwaba also invited the public to further support this program especially for Cirebon and the surrounding areas. "We hope to further expand the benefits of this program. Your support is very much needed,” hoped Tawwaba. []


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