Improving the Welfare of Teachers in Kebumen

Kebumen was chosen as an area for the implementation due to the high percentage of poverty-stricken residents.

Improving the Welfare of Teachers in Kebumen' photo
Honorary teachers in Kebumen hope for enough salaries, health insurance, and other benefits. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, KEBUMEN - Tri Setiawan, a P.E. teacher in Kebumen, was very happy for receiving financial aid from Global Zakat – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT). Despite being a non-permanent employee, Tri relentlessly continues to teach every day.

"Hopefully, Global Zakat - ACT will always improve, and hopefully, many other non-permanent teachers will be paid more attention financially. We, non-permanent teachers, only receive modest payment in accordance with the educational funding, etc.," Tri said when receiving financial aid from Sahabat Guru Indonesia program at the Kebumen City Regional People’s Representative Office building on Sunday (12/22).

Tri hoped that, in the future, his status will be equal to that of other private and public employees. He wants to receive better salaries, health insurance, and other benefits that are commonly received by the public and private employees. "We, educators who educate the children of this nation's children, deserve more attention," said Tri.

Quran teachers at the Kauman Great Mosque, Kebumen City. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

Amin Rahmanurrasjid, Expert Staff of the Kebumen Regent said, the government had always tried to raise the salaries of the non-permanent and honorary teachers every year. This has been successfully realized as the salaries of the honorary teachers increase every year.

"Every year, we give them a raise because there are too many of them. I don’t have any exact number. The Department of Education knows the exact number, but I estimate the number is above one thousand people," said Amin who attended the event.

Kebumen still lacks teachers. Therefore, the shortage of teachers is covered by the presence of honorary teaching staff. The government also hopes to improve their welfare through employment contract in the future.

"What we hope is that the shortage of teachers can be fulfilled by civil servants and government employees with contract agreements (PPPK), so that they get adequate rights as a source of their income," Amin said.

On the other hand, Amin welcomed the assistance from Global Zakat - ACT because there are still many teachers, both honorary and Quranic teachers, who needed financial help. He hoped that this assistance can encourage others to care.

"This is a very good assistance for teachers because they still need it. We hope this assistance also inspires other parties who care for them. We’ll also be grateful to Global Zakat – ACT if this program can be continued here in Kebumen, not just this one time, "Amin said.

Apiko Joko Mulyono from the Global Zakat – ACT Team revealed, Kebumen was one of the targets for the implementation of the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program because, based on the data they obtained, Kebumen is an area in Central Java with a high number of underprivileged people. Data from the Kebumen Regency Government in 2018 showed that the economically underprivileged people make up the 17.47% of the total population, the highest number in Central Java.

"We hope that in the future this program can continue and provide benefits to more teachers including those in Kebumen Regency. Of course this depends on the support of philanthropists in Indonesia and overseas," said Apiko. []