Imtiyaaz Services Provides Iftar Packages for Rohingya Refugees Throughout Ramadan

Thousands of iftar packages were distributed to children in three refugee settlements in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh during last Ramadan. The collaboration between Imtiyaaz Services Pte Ltd and Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) aimed to ease the burden of Rohingya refugees during the pandemic.

Students at Madrasa Darus Salam, Kutapalong Camp, were happy for the iftar packages distributed at their school. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, COX'S BAZAR - Almost a month has passed since Ramadan, but the memories about the acts of worship and kindness done during the blessed month stay in the minds of all Muslims around the world. Among the activities that are often done regularly in the month of Ramadan is providing iftar (fast-breaking meals) to those in need. Happiness radiated from the faces of the recipients who were happy for the sympathy and brotherhood showed by their fellow Muslims.

Three madrasas in several Rohingya refugee settlements in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, were among those who were grateful for the provision of free iftar provision last Ramadan. At that time, Imtiyaaz Services Pte Ltd worked with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to distribute iftar packages to them for almost a full month.

The iftar packages were distributed to Islamia Girls School in the Camp Balukhali, as well as Darul Hikmah and Darus Salam Schools in Camp Kutupalong. Having collaborated with ACT several times before, Abdul Aziz bin MD Yunus as Operations Director of Imtiyaaz Services Pte Ltd was grateful to be able to collaborate again with ACT to share the Ramadan iftar package with Rohingya refugees.

"With the ACT’s professional and effective system in implementing humanitarian projects, Imtiyaaz Services never hesitates to collaborate with ACT. Every information and action is documented. Capable and effective communication greatly facilitates the collaboration between us," Aziz said, Monday (6/15).

Last Ramadan became a moment of sharing with the brothers and sisters who are still plagued by humanitarian crises such as the ethnic Rohingya. This is what drives Imtiyaaz Services to support their struggle last Ramadan, especially because the holy month took place during a pandemic.

Eating iftar together at Madrasa Darul Hikmah, Kutapalong. (ACTNews)

"Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are among the communities that have been going through extreme and unjust tyranny. No solution worked for them. So, Imtiyaaz Services has always tried to support Rohingya refugees," Aziz said.

ACT appreciated Imtiyaaz for this humanitarian action that marked another collaboration between these two parties. There are thousands of iftar packages that they received last Ramadan.

"We are grateful to Imtiyaaz Sevices for this partnership. We distributed a total of 8,140 iftar packages for the refugee children in three madrassas. And of course, we are happy to be part of the Rohingyas’ struggle, "said Hidayatun Nisak ​​from Global Philanthropy Network - ACT.

Aziz hoped that, in the future, there will be another collaboration between Imtiyaaz Services and ACT to help other communities in need. "We hope that Imtiyaaz Services’ assistance can ease the difficulties and hardship that they go through. And we hope to collaborate in various other initiatives to help the people in general, "hoped Aziz.

In early February, the collaboration of the two parties took place in Alor through the distribution of food packages to hundreds of families.

In addition, Imtiyaaz Services Pte Ltd also collaborated with ACT in distributing four thousand meal packages in Bogor Regency in late January 2020 to support the poor and the disaster-hit residents. []