In Agam, Zakat ul-Fitr Has Been Distributed to the Recipients

Zakat ul-Fitr from the zakat donors has been distributed to the eight rightful recipients by Global Zakat-ACT. One of the recipients was an underprivileged elderly who relies on her neighbor's generosity to make ends meet .

A mustahiq of zakat ul-fitr.
A mustahiq (recipient) of zakat ul-fitr from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, AGAM — After fasting, another pillar of Islam that has to be carried out is paying zakat, both zakat ul-mal, and zakat ul-fitr. Zakat becomes the worship completion for Muslims. As for zakat ul-fitr, it has to be paid on Ramadan as the soul purifier. After that, zakat has to be distributed to eight groups of the mustahiq (zakat rightful receivers).

During Ramadan, Global Zakat-ACT received the zakat ul-fitr payment from those who are obliged to pay zakat or the muzakki. In the moment of Ramadan, zakat has to be distributed to the mustahiq including the elderly and underprivileged people. As on Wednesday (5/12/2021), the zakat ul-fitr was distributed to the mustahiq in Nagari Balingka, Jorong Pahambatan, Agam Regency.

Deni Marlesi, the Branch Manager of Global Zakat-ACT Bukittinggi said that the zakat ul-fitr from the muzakki had been distributed to eight groups of mustahiq in accordance with the Sharia. In Agam region, zakat ul-fitr was distributed to the underprivileged elderly people who find it difficult to make ends meet.

“Widows and underprivileged elderly people were among the recipients. It’s difficult for these people to fulfill their daily needs. They only rely on the generosity of their neighbors, children, and other people due to their physical weakness and inability to work," explained Deni, Monday (5/17/2021).

Deni continued that apart from Agam, zakat ul-fitr has been distributed to the mustahiq in Bukittinggi region. There were hundreds of beneficiaries who received the zakat rice packages. “Moments before Eid ul-Fitr are the moments they always eagerly await to be able to eat delicious food because they have rice and money to buy the side dishes,” he said.

In other regions, Global Zakat-ACT also distributed zakat ul-fitr to the area of South Tangerang City, Pangkep, Tasikmalaya, Sukabumi, Cirebon, Kota Pangkalpinang, Kuningan, Pekalongan, Madiun, West Bandung, Purwokerto, Makassar, and Palu. In addition, during Ramadan, food packages and financial assistance have been given to teachers and preachers through various programs.[]