In Dry Season, Semarang Regency Can Hardly Access Water

Most places in Central Java have been stamped “alert” by Indonesia’s Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG). The status was given due to low possibility of raining in the areas, and the fact that these areas had passed more than 31 days without rain.

ACTNews, SEMARANG REGENCY – BMKG has released drought potential projection in several regions in Indonesia. Based on rain intensity monitor until 20th June 2019, most places in Central Java are included on “Alert” category.

Drought hit seven districts in Semarang Regency, Central Java Province. Water had dried on most water wells. Residents were forced to fetch water from river to wash and bath. Additionally, they had to spend more money to buy mineral water, as reported by CNN.

Responding to this drought in Central Java, ACT Central Java are preparing some clean water supply program. ACT Central Java Branch Manager Sri Suroto, said that his team would make the best effort to respond to water crisis that happened due to dry season in Semarang.

“ACT as humanitarian agency, will quickly respond by providing water supply with water tanks. Program team will move immediately, ensuring assessment and informing public to show their compassion,” Suroto explained on Sunday (6/29).

According to Suroto, drought would leave big impacts on agricultural products, groceries stock, and poverty. He stated that supplying clean water would be a moment to exchange aid. “Water is basic need. Immediately, every element helps our brethren who are impacted by drought,” he continued.

Outside Central Java, drought is also projected to happen on the southern side of the equator. National Disaster Mitigation Board released a report that estimated that the start of dry season in most regions in Indonesia would happen in April 2019 and reach its peak in August to September. BNPB is also preparing anticipation regarding drought and wildfire that usually happens during dry season. []