In Ramadan 2020, ACT Provided Food for Hunger-Stricken Yemenis

By 2020, as many as 15.9 million Yemenis were under threat of acute hunger. The raging humanitarian conflict has put many lives at risk in the month of Ramadan.

Yemenis stand in line to get food packages. Last Ramadan, Yemen was under threat of acute famine. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SANA'A – In Ramadan 2020, many Yemenis are under threat of starvation. In an article written in April 2020, the BBC included Yemen in countries that are the most at risk of famine in 2020. The other countries are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Venezuela, South Sudan, and Afghanistan.

World Food Program reported that 15.9 million people woke up hungry every day "As conflicts become longer, more and more people become vulnerable", the WFP's Chief Economist and Director of Research, Assessment and Monitoring Division, Arif Husain, told the BBC.

Seeing these conditions, Aksi Cepat Tanggap distributed food packages to ease the burden on Yemeni citizens during last year's Ramadan. Said Mukaffiy of ACT’s Global Humanity Response Team said that food aid was one of the programs held to support Yemeni citizens in Ramadan 2020.

"Food packages were delivered to people in Sana'a City, especially for poor families consisting of mothers and children who live by themselves. A total of 83 families received this assistance," reported Said.

Said added that food package distributions were not only held during Ramadan. Considering that Yemen has a high rate of hunger and malnutrition, ACT has relentlessly provided food aid to war-torn Yemen. "Insha, this year, the food distribution for Yemen in Ramadan will continue,” concluded Said. []