In Sana'a, Thousands of Liters of Clean Water Distributed Every Day

In Sana'a, Thousands of Liters of Clean Water Distributed Every Day

ACTNews, SANA’A – The wait for clean water distribution was no longer in vain as colorful jerry cans once again was laid on the ground. The jerry cans were finally able to be filled when clean water gushed out of the hose attached to a water tank truck. It was a joyful day when the water tank truck with an Indonesian flag finally parked in the village of Al Mahwa Bani Hwat in Bani Al-Harad District, Sana’a. “Clean Water for Yemen” was clearly written on the truck.

On Sunday (11/25), a water tank truck containing 5,000 liters of clean water visited Al Mahwa Bani Hwat. The truck was parked near a water storage tank located in the center of the village. Hoses were attached to the water truck, and the clean water flowed through.  

A liter after another, the water finally filled the jerry cans. Radiant smiles finally spread among the villagers. Such smiles, as shown from the pictures sent directly from Yemen, were an expression of relief and happiness.

Rudi Purnomo of SOS for Yemen – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) reported that the locals had been waiting for the water tank since early in the morning.

“Alhamdulillah, after an arduous administration process, the clean water from the people of Indonesia was able to be distributed. Right after the time of zuhr, the water distribution began. Every day, thousands of liters of clean water will be supplied to neighborhoods and camps in suburban Sana’a. On Sunday (11/25), the water tank truck parked in Al Mahwa Bani Hwat Village,” Purnomo reported from Sana’a.

As written in previous article, the water crisis in Sana’a has reached a dire status. In Al Mahwa Bani Hwat, for instance, there water storage tank in the village had been empty for weeks.

“The need for clean water in this densely populated village is high, but water was hardly available. The head of the village told me that they rely on clean water distribution, and they sometimes had to walk a long distance to the neighboring village for clean water,” said Purnomo.

Al Mahwa Bani Hwat, according to Purnomo – the first ACT personnel from Indonesia to be able to reach Yemen – houses thousands of Internally Displaced families from Hodeidah. Since the beginning of the conflict in 2015, the belligerents have been fighting over the port city.

“Al Mahwa Bani Hwat, the village in which clean water from ACT and people of Indonesia was distributed, has the population of 1,050 families. More than half are families fleeing from the war in Hodeidah,” Purnomo explained.

Khalid, the head of the village, expressed his thankfulness and prayers for all people of Indonesia. “All praise is due to Allah. You all came here bringing much needed clean water. The condition is very poor here. Basic supplies and clean water are scarce; skin diseases and cholera also spread in this village,” said Khalid.

Everyone in Al Mahwa Bani Hwat was joyful for just being able to have clean water. “Prayers and words of gratefulness came out of the mouths of the Yemeni IDPs who received this water aid, Alhamdulillah,” added Purnomo.

In the next few weeks, along with other volunteers, he will continue distributing water in other refugee settlements.

“Insha Allah, the clean water distribution will be our main humanitarian program apart from basic needs distribution. We will continue filling out the water storage tanks in Yemeni villages,” he concluded. []



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