In Sigi, Another ICS Compound to be Built

In Sigi, Another ICS Compound to be Built

ACTNews, SIGI – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) is building another Integrated Community Shelter (ACS) compound in Sigi Regency. The compound is located in Lolu Village, Sigi Biromaru Sub-District. On Monday (11/4), a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction of the second ICS in Sigi was held. The ceremony was attended by ACT Senior Vice President, Syuhelmaidi Syukur, and the Regent of Sigi, Muhammad Irwan Lapata.

Syukur stated that the construction of the ICS is the beginning of the recovery of life of the people of Lombok. “Alhamdulillah, today, we held a groundbreaking ceremony of the ICS. To us, this is the initial phase of both physical recovery, by building temporary shelters, followed by economic and social recovery. We are building not only houses, but we are also building a new life for the people of Sigi, Insha Allah,” added Syukur.

The ICS compound that is located on an open field in Lolu Village will consist of 140 units of temporary houses, 36 units of public restrooms, a public kitchen, a playground, a village office, school buildings, the ICS office and a medical facility. These amenities will be provided for survivors of earthquake, tsunami and soil liquefaction in Lol and Jono Oge Villages.       

Furthermore, Syukur added that the construction of the ICS in Loli will be followed by the construction of ACT Humanity Store (AHS) that will provide free groceries for the survivors in the ICS and surrounding areas.

“We are preparing grocery packages for 4,200 survivors. Each day, we will serve around 300 families. They will be able to receive free grocery packages using Humaniti Cards. The AHS will operate like a minimart. Its concept will be the same as the AHS that we have built in Lombok,” he added.

The Regent of Sigi, Muhammad Irwan Lapata stated his thankfulness for ACT’s collaboration with the local government. “On behalf of the people of Sigi especially in Lolu Village, Sigi Biromaru Sub-District, thank you very much,” he stated during the groundbreaking ceremony in Lolu Village, Sunday (11/4).

Lapata invited all elements of the society to take part in the post-disaster recovery. “I say to all my people and my family in Lolu Village, let us be patient and be grateful. Let us rebuild Sigi Regency,” he stated.

Director of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT, Bambang Triyono stated that the construction of the ICS in Lolu is ACT’s effort in carrying out the mandate that has been given by Indonesian public to help the earthquake, tsunami and soil liquefaction survivors in Central Sulawesi.

“After the emergency phase officially ended on October 26, we are entering the transitional phase to recovery, but we are still seeing survivors sleeping under tents. We are racing with time. The mandate given to ACT by the Indonesian public needs to be carried out as soon as possible,” Triyono explained.

ICS Lolu will be built on a 7.150 m2 site and will benefit 620 beneficiaries, making up 130 families. The biggest ICS compound built for Central Sulawesi disaster survivors is targeted to finish in a month.

“In the future, we hope to build more ICS on more locations. We must work faster. We will involve more construction volunteers. To date, we have involved 400 construction volunteers,” added Triyono.

Houses swallowed by liquefying soil

Rusmiyati (35) was shocked when her house suddenly collapsed. She told ACTNews of the disastrous moment on Friday (9/28) when earthquake hit Donggala. The sun had just set, and Rusmiyati was getting inside her house after spending the clear afternoon with her youngest child Caca (3). Suddenly, the earth shook violently. She suddenly remembered her eldest child Gilang (16) who was still inside. “’Gilang, my son!’ I screamed,” said Rusmiyati. Luckily, Gilang was able to get out although he was lacerated after being hit by the collapsing building.

Rusmiyati is one of the beneficiaries that will reside in the ICS in Lolu Village. Knowing that she is about to have a temporary house, she was very grateful. “That’s wonderful. We really need houses. After the earthquake, we immediately ran to this field. When we have not received tarpaulin tents, we had to sleep on cardboards,” she said. She hoped that the ICS can be resided as soon as possible.

The Head of Lolu Village, Tarmin Haero expressed his full support of the ICS construction. “As the village head, I fully support the construction of temporary houses for our villagers. They were very happy. We even helped to find the suitable site,” said Haero.

Lolu Village was among the worst-hit areas. Haero mentioned that 22 of his villagers were killed and missing after the earthquake.

Not far from Lolu Village, there is also a village that was badly devastated by the soil liquefaction, Jono Oge Village. A number of houses were badly damaged, even carried away by the liquefying soil. The strong tremors had caused the soil to lose strength and stiffness, collapsing and swallowing the buildings on it. This disaster, which lasted for only 22 seconds, killed hundreds and displaced thousands.

On November 4, ACT has had four ICS sites spread across Palu, Sigi and Donggala, with the number of beneficiaries reaching 400 families. []



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