In the Aftermath of the Flood in Tangerang City

Ciledug Indah 1 Housing Complex in Tangerang City was one of the areas affected by the flood that hit Jabodetabek on Saturday (2/20/2021). Several problems arise in the aftermath of the flood, from the mud and sludge that cover the entire area to the urgent need for food among residents.

Ayu and her husband cleaning their house in Cilandak Indah 1, Pedurenan Village, Tangerang Regency, Monday (02/22/2021). Due to the flood, they haven’t been able to resume their activities like cooking or running their business. (ACTNews / Muhammad Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, TANGERANG CITY - The entrance to Ciledug Indah 1 Housing, Tangerang City was filled with mounds of garbage on the sides of the road. The road was covered in sludge. People who pass by that road must walk or ride slowly because it has become very slippery and full of holes.

After the flood that submerged most of the Jakarta Metropolitan Area on Saturday (2/20/2021), the residents in Ciledug Indah 1 Housing Complex hadn’t been able to resume their activities after the flood. They were cleaning their houses, furniture, and appliances, placing them in front of their houses to be washed.

Using water hoses, they tried to clean their belongings while the children cheerfully played with the water.

Aurel, a housewife, and her daughter went back and forth to throw away the garbage and washed away the mud from their house. Aurel said that she had no time to save her belongings as she focused on saving her family when the flooding happened. She only brought some clothing to the evacuation site.

"I didn't have time to evacuate my furniture. I am not saddened that the flood submerged my furniture because I am not the only one who is affected by this disaster. What matters most is that my children and my family are safe,” she said with teary eyes.

Residents of Ciledug Indah 1 Housing Complex during the meal distribution by MRI-ACT, Monday (02/22/2021). (ACTNews/Ubaidillah)

Residents grateful for food aid

To ease the burden on flood victims in Tangerang, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) distributed 600 meal packages through the Free Meal Operation. The targets of the distribution were residents in Ciledug Indah 1 and 2, Wisma Tajur, Puri Kartika, Duren Villa, Wisma Tajur, and Pondok Bahar Housing Complexes in Tangerang City that were hit by the flood.

Aurel was grateful for the meal packages as she had no time to cook food for her family. She was busy cleaning their house and belongings. It was also impossible for her to buy food because many restaurants and food stalls were still closed. "I can’t cook and use my kitchen yet because it  was still all messy. These meal packages are very beneficial. Thank you," she said.

Another woman, Ayu was also busy removing her furniture from inside her house to be cleaned. The floor of her rented house was still covered in mud. “This house is still messy. I can’t cook here,” she said. According to Ayu, the meal packages really eased her burdens. "My kids were all fussy and hungry, but what can I do? This house is still a mess," said Ayu.

The road in Ciledug Indah 1 Housing Complex was drenched with the water that the residents’ used to clean their household goods. A garbage truck passed by, and the garbage men loaded the garbage into the truck. "A total of 20 garbage trucks were filled with the debris from the flood in Ciledug Indah 1," said Bachrudin, a waste collector in Tangerang City.

MRI Tangerang City Coordinator, Anggi Dwi Julianto, said the Free Meal Operation was a form of concern for the flood victims in Tangerang. He invited the donors to contribute to the humanitarian work. "We ask for your support so that we can continue to help residents affected by the disaster," he said. []