Increases up to IDR 10 Millions, Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses Helps Tania’s Turnover

At the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, Tania Permatasari (34) almost gave up and stopped her business since her capital had never returned. However, Allah brought Tania to the generosity of benefactors through micro business assistance by Global Wakaf-ACT. Tania’s turnover has ten times increased.

Tania Permatasari, a beneficiary of micro business assistance
Tania Permatasari (34), a beneficiary of micro business assistance who sells frozen dim sum. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA SELATAN – The financial struggle faced by Tania Permatasari (34) at the beginning of the pandemic made her almost give up. Her dim sum business on the side of the road in Jagakarsa area, South Jakarta, almost went bankrupt. For days, the income she got was only IDR. 20,000. She was still using a friend's cart. Not to mention, the whole day she sold her dim sum she  had to leave her children.

“I was thinking about stopping this business. Apart from there was no increased and unrotated capital, the hardest part for me was I had no one to share my story during that time,” told Tania when Global Wakaf-ACT team met her, Tuesday (04/13/2021)

Unexpectedly, when she was hitting rock bottom, Tania’s fata had changed. One of her friends introduced Tania to Global Wakaf-ACT with their program of Alms for Indonesian Micro Businesses. From the program she, got was granted IDR Rp.500,000 of business assistance.  

Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses Capital Global Wakaf-ACT receiver Tania Permatasari, a dim sum seller in Jagakarsa. (ACTNews)

Since the meeting, Tania’s business has grown. She received Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses Capital assistance with qardh al hasan system. Rushan Novaly from Global Wakaf-ACT team explained, qardh al hasan is a form of a non-interest-based loan provided by Global Wakaf-ACT.

Aside from capital assistance, Global Wakaf-ACT Program Team also supervised Tania in terms of business and spiritual aspects.

“During those supervising phases, the idea to make dim sum in frozen packaging appeared. After she tried to sell it, her customers increased massively. The frozen dim sum product prevents her from huge loss. Her monthly turnover which previously only reached IDR 1 million, within two months of supervision, increases to IDR 10 million. She also plans to increase her capital again to fulfill her customer’s order during Ramadan which has increased,” said Rushan, Thursday (04/15/2021). 

Not only that, Tania is challenged by her supervisor from Global Wakaf-ACT to increase her turnover up to Rp12 millions within one month.

Opening New Business

She now sets aside some of her profit for her business capital. She bought packaging tools. Her dim sum product is now more hygienic and long-lasting. Her savings from selling dim sum is used to open a grocery shop.

As of now, Tania turns her house into a business place. She uses parts of her house as her grocery shop, frozen dim sum storage, and the rest is used to display the clothes that she has been also selling for some time.

“There are still a lot of entrepreneurs who are on the verge of giving up due to capital constraints and limited business knowledge. Let’s distribute the micro-businesses capital assistance through Global Wakaf-ACT along with Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses Capital. Hopefully, we could see the next ‘Mrs. Tania’ through this program,” hoped Rushan.[]