Indonesia Qurbani Enjoyed by Kazakhstani Muslim Community

In 2019, Global Qurban - ACT delivered sacrificial meat to the outskirts of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The qurbani packages were delivered to the poor, people with disabilities, orphans, and the elderly.

Indonesia Qurbani Enjoyed by Kazakhstani Muslim Community' photo
Kazakhstani mothers receiving packaged qurbani meat. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, ALMATY - Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia, and the second largest country, after Russia, among the former Soviet Union countries. The Kazakhstani economy relies on natural resource industry, namely petroleum.

Many of the Kazakhstan regions are already well-established, and economically self-sufficient. But not all live prosperously. Data from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 2019 showed that there 4.2% of the community live in poverty in several areas of the country.

Global Qurban - ACT delivered qurbani meat from the people of Indonesia to the capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, in 2019. Dozens of underprivileged people in the suburbs of Almaty City, which is the largest city in Kazakhstan, benefitted from the qurbani distribution.

"We distributed it to villages at the outskirts of Almaty. And we prioritized poor Muslim families. In addition, the meat was distributed to orphans, people with disabilities, and the elderly, "said Arkin, one of Global Qurban - ACT volunteers in 2019.

People waiting to receive qurbani meat packages in line. (ACTNews)

The beneficiaries were enthusiastic about the qurbani distribution. They enjoyed gathering and celebrating Eid Al-Adha with one another.

"We would like to thank our brothers and sisters in Indonesia who sent qurbani animals to their brethren in Kazakhstan. Thank you to our brothers and sisters in Indonesia, who act upon the Quranic verse “the believers are nothing but brothers” by sending us sacrificial animals, ”said one resident who received qurbani packages.

President of Global Qurban - ACT Hafit Timor Mas'ud said, every year Global Qurban sends the best sacrificial animals to various countries. The scope of distribution includes developing countries, disaster-hit countries, countries hit by resource crises, and countries that are plagued by humanitarian conflicts such as Syria and Palestine. "Global Qurban – ACT’s concern reached not only the Indonesians, but also people in other countries who are suffering from sorrow and difficulties," said Hafit, Tuesday (6/16).

This year, added Hafit, Global Qurban will also reach various countries. Global Qurban will distribute the best qurbani animals from the people of Indonesia to various parts of the country and abroad in order to spread goodness through qurbani meat, a luxury for those who are experiencing difficulties, disasters, calamities, and poverty. []