Indonesia’s Ambulance Serve Patients in Gaza by Visiting Their Homes

The ambulance donated by the generous people of Padang City continues to serve the people of Gaza. Hundreds of people who couldn’t afford to go to medical facilities were assisted by the ambulance from November 1 to 12.

ACT medical team and Indonesian Ambulance heading to the patients’ house. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The Indonesian ambulance drove was driving through a dense neighborhood in North Gaza. Through small alleys and roads, the ambulance was able to get to the beneficiary’s house. The medical team was immediately getting their equipment ready to treat the patient.

A man was lying on a mattress in his house. There were no visible wounds or visible signs of illness, except that he couldn’t move his leg. The team immediately implanted pins in his calf.

The Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Medical Team in Gaza also served hundreds of other residents in North Gaza. "We were able to carry out the free clinic thanks to the assistance from Padang City Government in the form of this ambulance. Now, the ambulance has continued to provide free medical assistance to Gazan people in need,” said Said Mukaffiy from the Global Humanity Response (GHR) - ACT on Wednesday (11/18).

The medical team implanting pins into a patient’s bones. (ACTNews)

Most of the beneficiaries were unable to go to the medical facilities by themselves, so that the team had to visit them directly. “Some of the patient suffer from cancer, diabetes, paraplegia, stroke, coma, and renal tubular acidosis. Some of them also underwent amputation. This ambulance is very helpful for patients who are unable to go to the Indonesia Medical Clinic because of their medical condition, ” added Said.

The free mobile clinic benefitted Jabalia, Jabalia Camp, Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoun, Om Al Nasser Village from November 1 to 12. Said hoped that the support from the benefactors will further expand the benefit of the ambulance donated by the people of Padang so that it will further benefit many more areas in Gaza. "There are many Gazans who need medical assistance in other areas. We hope that the support from our generous benefactors can further expand the benefit of the Indonesian ambulance to other areas in Gaza,” hoped Said.

A strong synergy between the philanthropists and the government was manifested through the provision of ambulance for the people of Palestine to support their healthcare. This ambulance aid was symbolically handed over directly by the Padang City Government through ACT West Sumatra on Friday (3/6) at the Nurul Iman Grand Mosque of Padang City.

The Mayor of Padang Mahyeldi Ansharullah said that the assistance was a form of sympathy from the people of Padang for their brothers and sisters in Palestine who were still dealing with humanitarian crisis. "The support from the government and the people of Padang City for our brothers and sisters in Palestine will continue. This is a proof of our love for Palestine and Al Aqsa Mosque, the holy place for Muslims, "said Mahyeldi. []