Indonesian Celebrities' Support for the People of Palestine

Indonesian Celebrities' Support for the People of Palestine

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The oppression that befall the people of Palestine has gained sympathy from Indonesian society, including Indonesian celebrities. Shafira Umm, an Indonesian presenter and model, expressed her pity when hearing about the oppression faced by the people of Palestine.

“There has been no change since decades ago. They were driven out of their own lands. They can’t even express their opinion. I’m feeling pity and afraid just to think about it. I worry that Palestine will be forgotten one day if this situation persists,” said Shafira Umm when attending Musawarah Islamic Study Circle.

Shafira couldn’t say more words as tears were trickling on her face. She only hoped that Muslims around the world would continue praying for the people of Palestine and doing their best by sending aid to assist those struggling for their freedom.

“For my brothers and sisters in Gaza, I can only hope that Allah will send you help. My heart aches. They are part of us but we have no power to help. I can only pray that they will get through this although it might be very difficult,” said Shafira Umm.

Fitri Tropica, another Indonesian celebrity attending that study circle also expressed her sympathy. According to her, the occupation that has been going on for years has caused severe humanitarian crises.

“For my brothers and sisters in Palestine, know that you’re not alone. Here, we are also feeling your suffering. We will keep praying for them and send our help. May Allah support, assist, and reward your struggle and sacrifice,” said Fitri Tropica.

Participating in Humanitarian Ship for Palestine

Humanitarian Ship for Palestine initiated by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) will sail again in the near future. A number of preparations have been made to provide thousands of tons of food packages before sailing in late March or mid-April 2019.

Shafira Umm and FItri Tropica were enthusiastic about this noble initiative. They both supported the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine II to help the people of Palestine living in difficult situation. “I, Fitri Tropica, participate in sailing the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine. Indonesia Saves Palestine,” said Fitri Tropica loudly.

“May Allah reward every martyr in Gaza with His highest Jannah. They might just be ordinary people in this world, but they are among the nobles in the hereafter. I, Shafira Umm, participate in sailing Humanitarian Ship for Palestine. Indonesia Saves Palestine,” Shafira Umm expressed her support. []



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