Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation Makes Indonesia Free from Malnutrition

Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation (OGAI) program aims to create healthier Indonesians and free Indonesian children from malnutrition. Through this program, various activities are carried out, including health education on nutrition and the provision of balanced nutrition.

Humanity Medical Service
The atmosphere of counseling about nutrition by the ACT Humanity Medical Services team at the Kamal Muara Fish Auction Place. (ACTNews/Muhamad Ubaidllah)

ACTNews, JAKARTA UTARA – Nutritional problems in Indonesia still need attention. The nutritional condition of Indonesian children, especially in rural areas and densely populated slums, is very concerning.

Seeing this condition, ACT’s Humanity Medical Services initiated the Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation (OGAI) program. One of the first actions was carried out in Kamal Muara Village, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Located at the Kamal Muara Fish Auction Place, the ACT’s HMS team provided education on the content of balanced nutrition to parents and children.

Kamal Muara Village was chosen for several reasons. The first reason is the livelihoods of the majority of residents are fishermen. Second, sources of drinking water contain saltwater because it is located near the sea. Third, garbage is scattered, especially under houses and sewers. Lastly, this area is often hit by tidal floods.

Harum Aulia, from the ACT’s HMS team, explained that environmental conditions have an impact on children's health. The environment where they grow and develop is a slum, densely populated, and underprivileged parents make children's health and nutritional intake less attention.

“Many parents here (Kamal Muara) still do not understand about balanced nutrition. Children are fed whatever they like. This is one reason children's nutrition is lacking or fulfilled. This will affect the growth and health condition of the children,” said the nutritionist of ACT’s HMS Harum Aulia, Friday (6/4/2021).

Harum continued in the OGAI program several activities were carried out, including the distribution of milk for children, distribution of balanced nutrition meals, and education in the form of balanced nutrition counseling for children. Through the OGAI program, it is hoped that the level of health of the Indonesian people, especially children, can improve so that Indonesia is out of the group of countries with the highest malnutrition.

“We must solve the health problem in Indonesia together. In addition to health workers, the public must also pay attention to their health conditions. One way is to eat foods that contain balanced nutrition. Hence, Indonesia can become a country with a healthy population," she said.

Mulyani, one of the residents of Kamal Muara who attended the OGAI counseling, said this program gave her an understanding of food nutrition. Not simply theories but also practice in daily life. Parents will find it easier to follow.

“This program is good. Usually, parents are busy fattening themselves, but their children are thin. Sometimes, the children are fussy about food. Many parents give whatever food their children want to eat and don’t think about food nutrition. Hopefully, this program can continue to assist the resident so that they know more about balanced nutrition,” she said.[]