Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong Show Solidarity for Sunda Strait Tsunami Victims

Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong Show Solidarity for Sunda Strait Tsunami Victims

Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong Show Solidarity for Sunda Strait Tsunami Victims' photo

ACTNews, HONG KONG – Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong from Temanggung, Central Java, responded to the tsunami in South Lampung by raising funds in on three locations on Wednesday (12/26) and Thursday (12/27).

According to Sinta Asmarani, an Indonesian migrant worker in Hong Kong, the fundraising was an expression of sympathy for tsunami victims in South Lampung and Banten.

Asmarani initially heard about the tsunami from a WhatsApp group chat, and she was moved and inspired to do whatever she can. In holiday season, many Indonesian migrant workers often come to places of interests like Yue Polam, Mongkok Bridge and Victoria Park in Hong Kong. Along with three other Indonesian migrant workers namely Maharani, Tanti and Tyas, Asmarani went to those public places to collect donation from fellow Indonesian migrant workers.

She added that it was not the first time for her to rais funds for disaster victims. Previously, she also raised funds for disaster victims in Palu, Sigi and Donggala.

“It was a spontaneous action. Initially, we were quite shy to tell others about this, but, Alhamdulillah, now we feel happy to be fundraising volunteers. We simply enjoin our fellow migrant workers to share,” said Asmarani.    


She admitted that many Indonesian migrant workers responded positively and enthusiastically of this initiative. Many other migrant worker communities are also raising funds for the tsunami victims. She hoped that the tsunami that happened in Banten and South Lampung can be mitigated. She entrusted the donation to Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Lampung.

According to Asmarani, ACT has been known for its swift response to natural disasters and humanitarian crises in Indonesia and overseas. “Today, the head of our group can’t come. So, I speak on her behalf. We will do another fundraising in New Year. This is our gift for the tsunami victims in south Lampung. May God grant them patience and speedy recovery,” she said.

To thank their generosity, ACT Lampung’s Head of Marketing, Fajar Yusuf Dirgantara, invited the migrant workers for a live broadcast on ACT Lampung’s official Instagram account to tell Indonesians that the sympathy for the tsunami victims also comes from Indonesian migrant workers overseas.

Dirgantara stated that the funds will be used to support ACT Public Kitchens that serve prepared meals for the disaster victims. At the moment, Public Kitchens in Way Muli, Way Muli Atas and Way Panas are already operating.

Apart from Public Kitchens, ACT’s Headquarter Post is also ready to store the aid packages donated by generous Indonesians donors. The aid packages will be distributed to regional posts, public  kitchens and medical posts.

“We will keep communicating with our friends in Hong Kong and other countries more intensively. Hopefully, their humanitarian initiatives can alleviate the suffering of the tsunami victims,” concluded Dirgantara. []



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