Indonesian Philanthropists Help Improve the Life of Palestinians in Gaza

The cost of living assistance provided by Indonesian benefactors to Palestinian underprivileged families is expected to be able to raise the standard of living of the beneficiaries.

Poor families in Gaza receive financial assistance from Indonesian benefactors. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Through the Sister Family Palestine Indonesia program, the generosity of the Indonesian people is channeled directly to underprivileged families in Palestine. The donations from the philanthropists are used to meet the needs of these families and improve their lives.

Around 57 individuals from several Palestinian families benefitted the aid distribution that took place on Monday and Tuesday (9/13/2021 and 9/14/2021). They are from poor families in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza and the Al Moghraqa in Central Gaza.

"This program helps meet some of the needs of the beneficiary families," reported Said Mukaffiy from Aksi Cepat Tangga (ACT)'s Global Humanity Response, Friday (9/17/2021).

Said is worried that the school-aged children in Gaza will be forced to work to support their families’ economy. The handover of this assistance is expected to improve their psychological well-being, promote solidarity, strengthen brotherhood, and spread blessing among community members by making them one family.

The blockade that has lasted for decades has prevented Gazans from accessing basic services. Nearly half of Gaza's workforce is unemployed, and 80 percent of its population is heavily dependent on humanitarian aid.[]