Indonesian Public Kitchen Serves Warm Biryani Packages for Palestinians

Indonesian Public Kitchen Serves Warm Biryani Packages for Palestinians

ACTNews, GAZA – Fragrant steam rose as biryani is being cooked in the pot. The chefs mixed the rice thoroughly with the spice to make sure that the rice is evenly seasoned. Some other chefs were also seen marinating the chicken that was about to be baked. On Monday (10/29), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s public kitchen was busy with cooking activities.

On that day ACT opened its public kitchen in Gaza City and Jabalia. Approximately 1,500 meal packages were distributed to the people of Gaza. The distribution was done in Camp Jabalia, Beit Lahia City, Jabalia City, and regions between Gaza City and North Gaza such as Al Salateen, Mashrou Amer and Al-Sawarka.

“Warm Chicken Biryani was served to the school students, the poor and families with disabled members,” said Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT.

The beneficiaries were extremely happy and grateful for the free food packages. They thank ACT as they receive steaming, warm packages of chicken biryani.

Before October – November 2018, ACT has opened the public kitchen for the Palestinians for several times. In July 2017 when hundreds of Palestinians protested the closure of Al-Aqsa mosque, as well as in December 2017 when tension rose in Jerusalem, ACT opened the public kitchen to serve those fighting for their rights.

The situation in Gaza has not improved. According to UNRWA, Gaza is home for 1.9 million residents, 1.3 million of whom are refugees. The blockade imposed upon Gaza has made it difficult to enter and exit Gaza. UNRWA also reported that the economy in Gaza has been decreasing in the last decade. High unemployment rate and relentless acts of violence by Israeli military that target Gazan youth has made life more difficult for families in Gaza.

Living under Israeli blockage for 11 years, the Gazans have been living in immense difficulty. UN-OCHA reported that Gaza faces unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The crisis has been worsened by the unresolved internal Palestinian conflict as well as the massive protests of Great Return March that takes place near Israel’s perimeter fence. The latest Food Security Diagram released by UN OCHA showed that, in June 2018, at least 45% of Gazans had to borrow food and money from their friends and relatives just to survive.

In Jabalia, north of Gaza, lies eight refugee camps where, according to UNRWA, approximately 119,486 refugees cram the 1.4 square kilometer area.

The condition in Gaza and other Palestinian cities is worsening as Israel has been bombarding Gaza Strip. The Palestinians have to live in fear and terror as warplanes fly above them. []



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