Indonesians' Humanitarian Aid Reaches Approximately 60 Thousand Rohingyas

Indonesians' Humanitarian Aid Reaches Approximately 60 Thousand Rohingyas

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Pulling back the time to August 25th 2017, it has been a month since the Rohingya crisis broke out. Total refugees who have fled to Bangladesh reach around 420 thousand people, UNHCR says. Indonesia, both its government and its people, never turns a blind eye to plight of Rohingya, their neighbor.

Deep empathy are endlessly shown by dear Indonesian people. Since late August, stream of humanitarian aid coming to Bangladesh seems unstoppable. Indonesian flag is seen wherever tons of aid are delivered in several refugee camps along zero line area.

For three weeks, SOS Rohingya Team of Aksi Cepat Tanggap has been distributing Indonesians’ aid to a number of crucial points where newcomers live in Bangladesh. Considerable steps are taken to address the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis. All is summed up in journey of humanitarian actions of ACT in Bangladesh, who hosts the biggest Rohingya refugees.

A day prior to Eid Al Adha festivity (31/9), prepared meals greeted the newcomers in Kanzarpara Camp. The distribution of this emergency aid was then followed by supplying refugees with groceries and clothing.

“The distribution of single aid was done until 5 September. This benefited at least 12.500 refugees in five regions,” said Rahadiansyah as Leader of SOS Rohingya Team in Bangladesh.

However, as massive influx of Rohingya refugees kept coming to Bangladesh, their needs were growing as well. Apart from food aid, logistic and medical aid were equally urgent. Such huge humanitarian action was needed to help hundreds of thousands of of newcomers congested the zero line area.

Responding their desperate needs, ACT sent trucks containing food and logistic aid. Gradually, the trucks visited several camps in border area. Up to Monday (18/9), there were at least 50 aid trucks which reached 8 refugee camps in Bangladesh.

“This is part of 100 Trucks of Humanitarian Aid Program for Rohingyas. The current 50 trucks have distributed tons of food, personal hygiene, clothing, cooking utensils, tarpaulins, mattress and etc, “ Rahadiansyah said. He also added that those aids have been received by around 43.450 newcomers.

Meanwhile, medical service was also held in some refugee camps. According to Rahadiansyah, up to Wednesday (20/9), approximately 2.280 sick refugees have been treated. A great number of them were infected pneumonia. This is as an effect of their long and plightful journey to Bangladesh for days during monsoon season.

For three weeks, humanitarian aid from Indonesian people has reached 10 refugee areas. They are Naikongchari, Ramu Upazila, Balukhali, Nakungsari, Kanzapara, Kutupalong, Shamlapur, Waikong, Thengkali and Unsiprang.

“Alhamdulillah, around 58.230 newcomers have received the basic aid from Indonesian people,” added Rahadiansyah.

As in Indonesia, 2000 tons of rice were collected in less than two weeks. The collected rice was donation from Indonesian people who are still giving their utmost care for Rohingya until the very moment. With Humanitarian Ship, 2000 tons of rice were carried out to Bangladesh.

Thursday (21/9), Indonesia’s Minister of Social Affairs Khofifah Indar Parawansa and President ACT Ahyudin dispatched the ship. From Terminal Petikemas Surabaya, Humanitarian Ship is sailing to Chittagong Port, Bangladesh.

The ship is expected to berth at the port in the first week of October. As Humanitarian Ship is on the way, trucks of humanitarian aid will still distribute and provide basic needs for the newcomers. Medical aid and treatment for sick refugees are also provided in the meantime.

Insha Allah, in the near future, recovery and reconstruction programs for Rohingyas will be implemented. Some of them are the construction of integrated community shelters and several economic empowerment centers in 100 refugee areas. []


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