Indonesians Receive Benefits of Waqf Program During A Pandemic

Global Wakaf-ACT helps the community amid the pandemic through various programs. There are more than one million beneficiaries in these empowerment programs.

Global Wakaf
Global Wakaf continues to expand waqf products and empowerment for the community, especially those affected by the pandemic. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – During the pandemic, Global Wakaf-ACT has helped residents in various empowerment programs. Some of the programs have been running since the pandemic hit Indonesia in 2020.

In addition to the fear of the virus, Indonesia is also overshadowed by economic difficulties. MSMEs have a hard time because of the difficulty of getting income during the pandemic. To solve this problem, Global Wakaf-ACT has helped many MSMEs through Productive Capital Waqf program.

“Since August 2020, we have been helped 10 thousand MSMEs through this program. We also assisted them so they can run their business smoothly until today,” said Budi Sulistyo, Manager of Productive Capital Waqf, Wednesday (9/15/2021). The number is increasing from the previous year, which is only about 1,300 MSMEs.

Apart from helping MSME owners, Global Wakaf-ACT also encourages farmers. This effort is realized through the Indonesian Food Producer Society program in mid-April 2021.

Productive Agricultural Waqf provides capital aid and assists the farmers from planting to harvest. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani).

“The beneficiaries are impoverished farmers. From April to December 2020, we distributed assistance to farmers throughout Indonesia,” Wahyu Nur Alim from Productive Agricultural Waqf Team.

In 2021, the program has empowered more than 6.600 farmers spread over 659 hectares of land in 21 regions in Indonesia.

The harvest in the form of Waqf Rice supports various movements and programs for ACT's food security. More than one million beneficiaries enjoyed this product from January to August 2021.

Global Wakaf-ACT also continues to produce Waqf Drinking Water. From January to December 2020, 1.2 million people receive this water assistance. "We distributed Waqf Drinking Water to mosques and Islamic boarding schools in 20 regions throughout Indonesia. We have carried out almost a thousand actions this year to reach those who need ready-to-consume water,” explained Moch Nurul Ramadhan from Productive Water Waqf Team.

In 2021, the distribution of Waqf Drinking Water continues to increase. Until September, 2.1 million liters of Waqf Drinking Water had reached ten regions in Indonesia. The benefit of this assistance will continue, and the number will increase.

Global Wakaf utilizes funds from benefactors to provide clean water and sanitation facilities. From the beginning of January to December 17, 2020, nearly 80 thousand beneficiaries, who previously had problems with clean water, found solutions through Waqf Wells. Waqf wells were built in 23 provinces in Indonesia.

In 2021, the benefits will continue to be expanded throughout Indonesia. "Alhamdulillah, We built Waqf Wells in ten provinces in Indonesia until September 2021. More than 264,000 people this year received 2.8 million liters of clean water. We provide Waqf Well for schools, mosques, or residents," added Nurul.

Other waqf programs such as Waqf Rice Barn and Lumbung Air Wakaf are still running. This effort will be continued in 2021 as a form of concern and enthusiasm for community empowerment. []