Initiating Humanitarian Collaboration, Kao Corporation Visits ACT Head Office

Initiating Humanitarian Collaboration, Kao Corporation Visits ACT Head Office

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The head office of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) was visited by a special guest. On Monday (7/16), a number of people from Kao Corporation came all the way from Japan to visit ACT. This visit was for Kao Corporation to know more about ACT and to initiate collaboration on humanitarian actions.

“Today, we want to know about ACT and its programs,” said Hironobu Murata, President of Firm Alpha who was among the group of visitors.

Murata explained that the reason why ACT is chosen as a potential collaboration partner is because of the information that they eaceived from Jetro (The Japan External Trade Organization) who includes ACT among one of the humanitarian foundations who cares about disaster issues. Based on this information, they immediately went to ACT Head Office to visit and initiate humanitarian collaboration.

“ACT received a group of visitors from Kao Corporation consisting of 26 people of Managerial Position and above. These managers know about ACT from the recommendations of other Japanese corporations,” explained Mohammad Faisol Amrullah of Global Philanthropy Network (GPN) – ACT.

From this meeting, the representatives of Kao Corporation tried to learn more about ACT: its history, programs and track record in Indonesia and overseas. Kao Corporation is interested in ACT’s programs in disaster-hit areas in Indonesia. They are interested to distribute their humanitarian aid through ACT.

“They were learning more about ACT and what kind of aid they can channel through ACT,” added Amrullah.

Amrullah further added that the two-hour meeting has led to the topic about what kind of aid Kao Corporation is going to donate through ACT. Kao Corporation wants to donate its products.

Kao Corporation is a chemical and cosmetics company headquartered in Nihonbashi-Kayabacho, Chūō, Tokyo, Japan, established in June 1887. The corporation has built its branch in Indonesia since 1985.

“They have factories here in Indonesia. Later on, their products will be distributed to areas in which ACT implements its programs,” said Amrullah.

The collaboration will not only manifest in the form of Kao products distribution. The corporation will also be involved in educating the proper use of their products to the people. This education will be given directly by the representatives of Kao Corporation to the victims of natural disasters.

“Pray for us. May this collaboration initiation will go on smoothly,” concluded Amrullah. []



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