Integrated Community Shelter for Tsunami Survivors in Donggala

Integrated Community Shelter for Tsunami Survivors in Donggala

ACTNews, DONGGALA – The beach is now flat without any structures left standing. There are only debris left by devastating earthquake and tsunami on Friday (10/28) afternoon more than a month ago. Not only Talise Beach in Palu, the tsunami also swept through the west coast of Donggala, especially areas arpund Tanatovea Sub-District, Donggala.

That day, three tsunami waves had reduced the buildings along Wani Harbor in Tanatovea to ruins. A massive ship, Sabuk Nusantara 39, was even carried to the ground by the powerful wave. The ship is now stranded on the dock in Wani Harbor, Donggala.

West Coast of Central Sulawesi, from Palu to Donggala, hit by Tsunami 

A month after the disastrous day, hundreds of bodies have been killed, but the sorrow lingers on. Many families have lost their houses. Some fissured, some damaged, some destroyed altogether. At times, nothing remains but the floor that tells the world that the powerful waves have cdevastated everything along the coast.

“Near the (Sabuk Nusantara 39 Ship) that was carried to the ground, there used to be fishermen’s settlement area, but now everything has been destroyed. They now live in makeshift tents,” said Andri Habrin (36), the head of Wani 1 Village, Tanatovea Sub-district.



The deserted Sabuk Nusantara 39 Ship, carried by tsunami to Wani Harbor, Donggala

Third ICS in Wani 1 Village

Continuing the post-disaster recovery efforts in Central Sulawesi, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) initiated another Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) compound, this time in Wani 1 Village. The ICS will serve tsunami survivors whose houses were destroyed by the tsunami.

“According to our latest data, in Dusun 1 and Dusun 2, Wani 1 Village, 68 houses were hit by tsunami. They belonged to the fishermen who lived near the cost, and now they are flattened,” said Habrin.



The groundbreaking ceremony of the ICS in Wani 1 Village

On Thursday (11/1), on a 119 x 35 m field, the groundbreaking ceremony was held. Attended by the local government officials, the ceremony marked the beginning of the ICS construction in Wani 1 Village.

Sri Eddy Kuncoro, ACT’s Director of Disaster-related Programs and Community Development stated that the ICS in Wani 1 Village will have the same facilities as in other ICS compounds.

“Why do we name it Integrated Community Shelter? Because what we build is not merely a compound of temporary shelters. We also provide the compound with amenities such as worshipping houses that can also be used for Islamic and Quranic classes. In some compounds we also built 3-4 classrooms for educational activities. We also provide public kitchen along with clean water source and sanitary facilities. We will also build a playground, a clinic, and the ICS Office,” explained Sri Eddy Kuncoro in front of Wani 1 Villagers.


Andi Habrin, Head of Wani 1 Village, expressed his gratefulness on behalf of the villagers.

Kuncoro further stated that, for the survivors in Wani 1 village, sixty units of shelters will be built.

In front of his villagersm Habrin expressed his gratefulness. He supported the construction of the ICS initiated by ACT. “We fully support the ICS and we are proud that in just a month after the disaster, the construction of the ICS compounds in several places, including in our village, has started,” said Habrin.


Destruction along the West Coast of Donggala

When the construction is finished, the local government of Wani 1 Village will be involved to choose the families that will be prioritized to dwell in the ICS.

“We have told the tsunami survivors that we will have our priorities. The temporary shelters will be prioritized for fishermen who have lost their boats, fishing equipment, and houses,” said Habrin.

Behind the construction of the ICS in Wani 1 Village, there was a story of sincerity and generosity. It was Suhria Intan (48), a Wani 1 Villager and an employee in Tanatovea Sub-District Office who owned the land and gave permission for the ICS to be built on it.

Suhria Intan, the owner of the land on which the ICS is being built.

“Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah deeply. I give permission to use this land to put it to good use. Insha Allah, it will be a blessing. The tsunami has been a reminder that wealth does not really benefit us after we die. My house at the beach was also hit by tsunami. It is uninhabitable now,” said Intan.

Intan was also among the tsunami survivors who live in makeshift tents like other villagers. “This land, this lot, is my wealth that I hope will bring perpetual rewards. May this be fully beneficial for Wani 1 villagers who have also lost their houses after the tsunami,” said Intan with tears running on her cheeks. []



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