Integrated Community Shelter to Support the Ramadan of West Sulawesi Earthquake Survivors

The Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) in Mamuju has been officially inhabited by 96 families of earthquake survivors. This shelter was completed right before Ramadan. However, there are still a lot of survivors in this holy month who are still staying in the evacuation tents and are in need of help.

Symbolic handover of the ICS from ACT to the Mamuju earthquake survivors
Symbolic handover of the ICS from ACT to the Mamuju earthquake survivors, Monday (4/12/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAMUJU – Right before Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has inaugurated the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) in Sendana Helmet, North Botteng Village, Simboro District, Mamuju. There are 96 units of shelters that were inaugurated on Monday (4/12/2021).

Ade Putra from the ACT Mamuju Program Department said the 96 units of shelters were divided into 5 blocks. In each unit, there are 5 rooms, and the compound is equipped with a playground, toilet, public kitchen, and a shed. The compound is occupied by 130 survivors.

“Each unit is occupied by one family. The ICS can be occupied for the next 3 years. Aside from housing, we also provide other facilities because we want to give the best assistance for the disaster survivors,” explained Ade.

There are 96 families of the survivors who are living in North Botteng ICS now. Ade explained the beneficiaries were the disaster survivors whose houses were severely damaged and uninhabitable, as well as underprivileged families. Besides, the elderly, pregnant women, Muslim preachers, and families with toddlers are prioritized to occupy the ICS.

The inauguration of this Integrated Community Shelter was also attended by beneficiaries and public figures. The North Botteng village’s secretary, Nur Alam said, the construction of the ICS was very helpful for the residents affected by the earthquake. Moreover, the inauguration which was held right before Ramadan seemed to be a special gift for the residents. 

“These shelters can be occupied while we are waiting for the assistance for the reconstruction of the damaged houses and looking for side jobs to build our own houses. Of course, this ICS is now the most comfortable one to live in,” he said.

Aside from integrated shelter, in Sendana Hamlet, ACT has built Family Shelters for families of teachers and Muslim preachers. These shelters have been occupied by the beneficiaries.

ACT Mamuju Branch Manager Bakri Rahmat said, the shelter became the solution to the housing crisis during the post-disaster recovery period in West Sulawesi. Moreover, in the moment before Ramadan, they need to overcome their sorrow. Unfortunately, the ICS which has been built cannot accommodate all disaster survivors.  

“We ask for the blessings and support so that other ICS compounds can be built in other places for earthquake survivors. In the month of  Ramadan, there are still earthquake survivors who stay at the emergency tents and are in need of various kinds of assistance, especially housing,” explained Rahmat, Tuesday (04/13/2021).[]