Involving Millennials to Care for Others through Food Alms Gathering

In an effort to further support those affected by the pandemic, ACT South Sulawesi established its second Food Alms Gathering Point at the Lakiung Syech Yusuf Mosque, Jalan Poros Syech Yusuf, Gowa Regency, on Friday (12/11). This Food Alms Gathering Point is supported by the generosity of the youth in Gowa.

The ACT South Sulawesi team filling up the Food Alms Shelves at the Lakiung Syech Yusuf Mosque. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GOWA – Coronavirus pandemic is still affecting various aspects of the community, including economy and businesses. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) owners, informal workers, and people who lost jobs due to the pandemic have difficulty meeting the needs of their families.

Responding to this, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) aim to provide assistance to the needy through the National Movement for Food Alms Gathering involving various elements of society, including young people. They are involved in caring for their brothers and sisters living in difficulties.

The shelf, which is named “Sahabat Pemuda Philantroper”, is supported by the generosity of the young people in Gowa. (ACTNews)

"On this occasion, we are once again inviting the public, especially the young, to care for their brothers and sisters. Alhamdulillah, their generosity is shown in the Food Alms Gathering Point which we named 'Sahabat Pemuda Philantrooper'. Acts of generosity can be done by everyone, not only by the old and rich. Young people who are interested to participate can do so by providing food for the needy,” said Firman, Head of ACT South Sulawesi’s Program Department, last Friday (11/12).

The latest Food Alms Gathering Point is located at one of the mosques in Gowa Regency, at the Lakiung Syech Yusuf Mosque, Jalan Poros Syech Yusuf. It will be filled with various kinds of basic needs for the needy, such as rice, oil, flour, and others. The Food Alms Gathering Point is also expected to be a form of education on social and humanitarian issues for the community.

 “This Food Alms Gathering Point to be activated. Previously, we activated the first Food Alms Gathering Point at Mardhiyyah Mosque in Makassar City, and it has been running for about a month. They still fill the shelves every week for the beneficiaries,” said Firman.

Firman invited all philanthropists to support this program. "You can also participate by transferring to BNI Syariah account number 66 0000 837, and sending the transfer proof to 62821 9224 1414 via WhatsApp. They can also donate through the Indonesia Dermawan page,” said Firman. []