IPMI Japan Provides Clean Water for Maluku Earthquake Survivors

Some of the earthquake victims still stay in evacuation sites due to the frequent small earthquakes and the condition of their houses that are no longer livable. For four months in the evacuation sites, clean water has been scarce.

IPMI Japan Provides Clean Water for Maluku Earthquake Survivors' photo
Evacuees in Waai Village, Salahutu Subdistrict, Central Maluku Regency, filling their buckets and water containers with clean water. (ACTNews/Maya))

ACTNews, CENTRAL MALUKU - Post-disaster recovery programs for Maluku are still ongoing. To fulfill the need for clean water, the Indonesian Muslim Nurses Association (IPMI) of Japan and Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Maluku collaborated to distribute clean water to meet the needs of earthquake survivors in Central Maluku.

The distribution of clean water will be carried out in several villages, namely Waai Village and Liang Village, both located in Salahutu Subdistrict. As much as 150,000 liters of water will be distributed in a month with 5,000 liters of water to be distributed per day, beginning on Saturday (1/18).

The earthquake survivors have been staying in evacuation sites for four months. Some of them have lost their houses. Many are still too afraid to return home due to frequent small earthquakes.

In their evacuation sites, clean water sources are very difficult to find. They have to buy water to fulfill their daily needs. Pance, one of the earthquake survivors in Wai Village, said that the evacuees had difficulty in getting clean water.

"On behalf of the evacuees in Waai Village, I thank ACT and IPMI Japan for providing clean water. May God repay your kindness," said Pance

Pance admitted, even just for bathing and defecating, the evacuees must go to another village using motorbike taxi. They are charged IDR 10,000 for each ride, carrying three jerry cans. Hence, Pance must pay IDR 20,000 in one day just to take some water. Sometimes he chooses not to take a shower in a day.

Muhammad Syamsudin Mahu from ACT Maluku Program Team revealed that evacuees in Waai Village were among the evacuees that need clean water the most. "Therefore, we chose this village to be an implementation location to meet the need for clean water for one month," said Syamsudin. []