Ipo Ardiansyah's Commitment to Construct High Quality Boats

Ipo Ardiansyah's Commitment to Construct High Quality Boats

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG – There was nothing different about the routine in Ipo Ardiansyah’s shipwright that Friday (2/1) afternoon. His team continued building the fishing boat frames. With the help of 15 workers, he moved one boat frame from its cast to a place where it would be dried.

In recent week, Ardiansyah and his workers have been busy building boats ordered by Global Wakaf for the Boat Waqf program. It is a post-disaster recovery program to help the fishermen affected by the tsunami in Sunda Strait in late 2018.

It is the first time for him to build boats for an aid program. He will have to build more boats when the second batch of the program begins. Though he has to build boats in a large quantity, he makes sure that he will maintain the quality of the boats.

“The size of our boats is 9 by 1.25 meters. They are made of fiberglass. Insha Allah, the boats will be easy to use and maintain,” explained Ardiansyah. His shipwright that was established two years ago is located in Bulakan Village, Cinangka Sub-District, Serang Regency, close to the scenic Anyer beach.

He predicted that the first six boats will be finished in three weeks at the most, considering the rains and cloudy weather that will hamper the drying process. “It will finish in two weeks if the weather is sunny. The construction process alone does not take a long time because we have the casts of the boats,” he said, Friday (2/1).

As a Bulakan Villager, Ardiansyah was also impacted by the Sunda Strait tsunami. The restaurant that he managed was destroyed by the massive wave. He now focuses on his shipwright. Though the tsunami also affects his livelihood, he strives to finish the boats on time. “We take care of the boats to its intricate details despite having to produce a large number of them,” he added.

To this day, the construction of the boats is still going on. In spite of the scarcity of raw materials in Pandeglang in Serang, Ardiansyah is optimistic that his high-quality boats will be finished in three weeks.

Involving local villagers

In constructing the waqf boats, Ardiansyah is assisted by 15 workers. More workers will probably be needed close to the boats’ completion. “For finishing, more workers are needed for the boats’ details,” he explained.

To fulfill his need for more workers, Ardiansyah invited the local villagers to take part in the boats’ construction. All of his workers come from Bulakan Village. Even the overseer for the boats’ construction come from the same sub-district.

“Thanks to the orders from Global Wakaf, many local villagers who lost their jobs now have a source of income. They were previously unemployed because the tourism industry here is still paralyzed,” Ardiansyah added. []



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