Islamic Boarding Schools Students in Karawang Grateful for Clean Water Aid

"Usually the students need to go for 1,200 meters just to perform wudu and do their laundry. If we wait in line at sunrise, we'll get the water at 8 a.m.," said Burhanudin, the chairperson of the Islamic boarding school.

Islamic Boarding Schools Students in Karawang Grateful for Clean Water Aid' photo

ACTNews, KARAWANG - In the next few days, the students of Jami'atul Khoeriyah Islamic Boarding School in Cintaasih Village, Pangkalan Subdistrict, Karawang, West Java do not need to go for kilometers to take clean water. On Monday (9/2), around five thousand liters of clean water were supplied by ACT Bodekasi (Bogor-Depok-Karawang-Bekasi) to this boarding school.

The dry season dried out clean water sources in Cintaasih Village, including water sources to meet the water needs of students and administrators of Jamiatul Khoeriyah Islamic Boarding School. According to Muhammad Burhanudin Suhari, Chairperson of Jami'atul Khoeriyah Islamic Boarding School, their village had never experienced drought a few years ago. However, for the past four years, the residents have depleted their water sources and are in urgent need of water when the drought comes.

"Today I am very grateful for the arrival of this water tank truck. The students and I can do acts of worship and other daily activities in peace," said Burhanudin.

According to Burhanudin, the drought had begun since the middle of Ramadan. It has been three months. Students and administrators have to buy water to meet the needs of the school. "Normally we need 20 tanks or 20 thousand liters per day, but now we are only able to buy one tank during the day, one tank at night," explained Burhanudin.

He said there were about 325 students and staff in the boarding school. The students occasionally chip in so that they can buy clean water.

Burhanudin admitted that clean water aid had never arrived before. "Sometimes each student contributes for IDR 1,000," explained Burhanudin.

If there is no water aid, the students must take water from a spring which is located about 1.2 kilometers away. "There is a spring in the rice fields. The water is used only for ablution and laundry. They also must take turns with local residents. If you go to take water, for example, after dawn, you’ll be able to take the water at 8 p.m. Even for wudu, we also have to wait for a long time to take the water. For example, if we are going to do maghrib prayer, we have to go to the spring even as early as 4 to 4:30 p.m.," said Burhanudin.

Lala, one of the students at Jamiatul Khoeriyah Islamic Boarding School, said she was grateful for the clean water aid that came that day. She felt thankful because the clean water for the day was sufficient. "You don't need to go to the spring today," he said.

Jami'atul Khoeriyah Islamic boarding school is an Islamic boarding school which was established in order to facilitate students to study religion outside formal education. A number of students came from various regions in West Java, even Sumatra. This boarding school is also a haven for a number of students.

The distribution of water in the Jami'atul Khoeriyah Islamic Boarding School is a series of simultaneous clean water distributions conducted by the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Bodekasi Branch on Monday (9/2). Nine mobile water tanks were deployed to provide clean water to a number of villages in four sub-districts in Karawang Regency. []