Isnaeni Gets Tens of Millions of Profits From Selling Cakes

Isnaeni (38) runs her cake business from scratch. In the beginning, her sales did not sell well so she shared it with her neighbors. Now, she manages three shops and gained a turnover of IDR 60 million in the month of Ramadan.

Isnaeni starts her business by entrusting her sales in the surrounding stalls. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – Isnaeni (38) is a housewife. Every day, this mother of four children takes her children to school. Once, she had an idea, "If I take my children to school every day, why don't I put my merchandise at school as well?" she said when met by Global Wakaf-ACT Team.

In 2015, she started to produce cakes or what is also known as kue subuh in her neighborhood in Jagakarsa District, South Jakarta. While taking care of her husband and children, she took the time to entrust the cake in the stalls. In addition, she also sells in a small stall on the side of the road.

At first, Isnaeni's cake business did not run smoothly. After three years of trading, her cake did not sell well. "If the cake doesn't sell well, I will just give it to the neighbors," said Isnaeni at the end of June.

In the fourth year, Isnaeni received quite a lot of orders. In mid-2019, she also met with Global Wakaf-ACT, which provided assistance through Waqf for Indonesian Micro Business program.

One of the stalls managed by Isnaeni. (ACTNews)

Isnaeni is getting more confident. She increases production and adds tables in her stall. Her son, a high school student, also helps her. Isnaeni and her son took part in business assistance from Global Wakaf-ACT. Hence, they can practice the knowledge for their business.

The assistance continues through Waqf for MSME program from Global Wakaf-ACT. Isnaeni has increased her income from selling cakes. " I can get a turnover of IDR 1 million per day, although the profit per cake is only IDR 500,” she said.

Like most business owners, she was also affected by the pandemic in 2020. She still maintains her business even though it is difficult and almost closed. Isnaeni keeps trying and praying until her patience pays off. “I got an order again from campus, office, even from people in Bogor. I don't know how they know my business,” said Isnaeni.

Get Tens of Million Profits in a Blessing Month

Since February 2021, Isnaeni has owned three stalls in the Jagakarsa District area and already has five employees. Seeing his wife getting overwhelmed, Isnaeni's husband finally decided to quit his job and focus on helping his wife's business.

This year, the blessings of Ramadan also came to her. Isnaeni produced many cakes and earned a profit of around IDR 60 million. After Ramadan, her income has decreased but not too significantly because she can keep her business stable even though Ramadan has passed.

She was also grateful for the assistance provided by Global Wakaf-ACT. "In addition to getting business capital, I can get assistance whose knowledge is greater than the business capital I receive,” Isnaeni said.

From her income during Ramadan, she can support her son to go to college and send her children to Islamic boarding schools. Even though her business started from scratch and experienced twists and turns, now it is what strengthens her family's economy.

"Now, my family works together to run the business. Even my son, who is still in elementary school, is excited to take part in delivering orders," said Isnaeni. She hopes that in the future this business will not only develop for her family but also spread benefits to others. []